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Another feeble attempt at damage control

From Barr's website. More whining and finger pointing.
Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis
September 11th, 2008 by Russ Verney

Before I move forward with an important report for today, I would like to recognize and remember the 2,819 men and women who lost their lives seven years ago. As a result of the attacks of September 11th, Americans came together, setting aside differences in order mourn our shared losses and assist our neighbors in need.

May we never forget . . .

In times of crisis, strength in leadership requires boldness of character, clear direction and firm resolve. As we witnessed after the attacks of September 11th, President George W. Bush showed incredible leadership as he stood atop a fire truck amidst the rubble of the twin towers to rally America.

While the quality of leadership is rare enough, principled leaders are few and far between. Those who do appear to posses the traits necessary to lead, for reasons only known to themselves, frequently choose not to stand on principle.

Yesterday, our vice presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, offered to step aside to allow Congressman Ron Paul an opportunity to serve on the presidential ticket of the Libertarian Party and move the agenda of Liberty forward.

On the surface, a simple offer was extended. In fact it was principled leadership at its finest.

Wayne Allyn Root showed his deep commitment to the principles of our cause. Without hesitation or regard to the effort, time and personal funds he has committed to the issues of freedom, smaller government, less taxes and the Libertarian ticket, Wayne offered to step aside to allow another leader to step up.

I could not be more proud of his actions and selflessness.

As America is hurling towards crisis on many fronts, we need principled leaders like Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root. We have no time to waste on anything other than spreading the message of smaller government, less taxes, and more personal freedom issues across this nation.

That brings me to my next point.

Today our campaign is being criticized by a few people for my decision to not attend a press conference sponsored by Ron Paul’s political action committee. I thought I would take a minute to explain to you why I made that decision.

It became evident to me after meeting with Ron Paul’s staff that this media event was not about promoting the liberty agenda; it was about promoting a man. That’s not what we’re in this for.

After rumors were spread in advance of the news conference that Bob Barr was dropping from the race – just to hype the event – I became even more hesitant to attend. Those tactics were unacceptable and when asked about it, Ron Paul’s staff simply smiled and said it would attract the press.

When I was provided a copy of Ron Paul’s prepared remarks just hours before the start of the planned news conference it became clear to me that the message Ron Paul intended to deliver was essentially to scatter the votes for the liberty agenda to the four winds.

His remarks not only encouraged anyone listening to support any one of four candidates, he also applauded ‘non-voters’. To me encouraging people not to vote is not principled leadership for the Liberty agenda.

I made the decision that attending that news conference was not consistent with Bob Barr’s principled leadership for the Liberty agenda.

Once I informed Ron Paul’s staff of my decision I was rudely informed that my decision would have permanent ramifications, I was personally threatened and Bob Barr was politically threatened. That’s a far cry from principled leadership.

One thing that did occur as a result of yesterday’s events is a clear separation of certain factions. Up until now, we have been dealing with two groups, those who want to advance the issues of liberty and those who have been drawn into a cult of personality.

There are those who support a specific politician and then there are those who support the liberty agenda regardless of standard-bearer.

Bob Barr, Wayne Allyn Root and the Libertarian Party stand for the issues of personal freedom and responsible government. As they have proven, both Bob and Wayne are willing to lead or follow for the advancement of our issues.

Now is their time to lead.

As we move into the final 50 days of the campaign we are in place to make a strong impact on the future of our country.

At the end of the day, the number of votes cast in support of the Liberty agenda in the General Election will influence the national political agenda of the next four years.

If we do our jobs, work hard and give us much as possible until Election Day, our voices will be heard and our agenda of smaller government, lower taxes, more personal freedom and government accountability will be on the table for years to come.

I appreciate your commitment and dedication.

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I read this as Barr being upset

because he didn't get RP's full endorsement... Whatever the reason, when Verney calls true RP/liberty supporters a "cult of personality" that showed everyone what kind of person we're dealing with. What could he ever hope to gain for this country by trying to fracture the liberty movement? His ego seems to have gotten the best of him, that is if he ever had good intentions in the first place.

"I killed the banks"

they are digging their hole deeper and deeper

you have to wonder is it done purposefully or just lack of common sense ?


Chuck Baldwin has my vote

Chuck Baldwin has my vote

By the way Wayne Root said Ron Paul is weak on defense and foreign policy. yea right Wayne.

Here is what Chuck Baldwin has stated about 9-11

What Really Happened on 9/11?

Only One Presidential Candidate Asks...

Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin is the only candidate from a FEC- recognized party to challenge the official story of the tragedy of 9-11.

Representing the largest and fastest-growing third party based on voter registration (Ballot Access news), Baldwin joins the growing list of military, scientific and other well-credentialed experts who agree,'the government's account of what happened that day simply does not pass the smell test'.

Baldwin, poised to attract voters who will not cast their votes for either 'Big Box' party candidate in November said, 'All across America voters are telling me, ''I am afraid of Obama and I don't trust McCain'.

Baldwin added, 'More and more people want answers . They want to know about government corruption, our loss of liberties and yes, what really happened on September 11th. The heartache this country endured won't be cured, but it will give us answers to some basic questions about why our security, intelligence and civil defense measures failed and why so many aspects of the government's version have been shown to be lies'.




Dr. Steve Parent

Looks Like

Looks like the Libertarian party has bee co-opted by an agent for the Republican establishment.

It's amazing,

the type of shit that they're trying to pass off as Libertarians these days!
Looks like the Barr disease has really sunk in over there.

I am definitely NOT voting for Bob Barr

Chuck Baldwin has my vote in Florida.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Principled Leadership? Dont make me laugh.

Bob Barr the pro patriot act, pro drug war, non-FED abolishing CIA puppet and Wayne Allen Root who "disagrees" with Paul on the War on Terror.


It is, in fact, how tyranny gains power and gains hold.

You forgot his (Barr's) flip flop on global warming.... and

right here today on Daily Paul we are afforded another lovely flip flop...Barr now supposedly is against the "War on Drugs".....what a farce!
Barr is done.........

To put it bluntly.......after Barr's actions yesterday.........TRUE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS DON'T GIVE A RAT'S PATOOTIE ABOUT BARR'S PLATFORM...

Yes, another feeble attempt at damage control... too bad it won't work...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond