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"Telling Truth to Power"

My tribute to those who died for lies.
This was mailed to every Idaho delegate and alternate, the State Chairman, and every Ron Paul supporter on my email list.

From time to time, a Ron Paul supporter has asked my advice on what actions to take. I have pretty consistently gone with “follow your heart.” I find that is the only answer I have for your offer to write the RNC. If you believe that is the proper way to address the issues facing the GOP, follow your heart.

I bear a heavy burden today. My family sacrificed a son to the “war on terror.” He signed up on 9-11, I think the year was 2004. He was a former firefighter, and born the same year as my son. He died in Iraq, blown apart in his unarmored Humvee. My family is now hopelessly torn apart, for many of them cannot bear the truth of why he really died. I understand their pain and I do not make any attempt to awaken them. But Tristan haunts my dreams; I have no way of every knowing if he learned the truth before he died. The knowledge that fine young men like him now awaken in Iraq with a weapon in their hand, and choose to point the weapon at themselves weighs on my heart. For their sake, the people in power must wake up.

Someone dredged a phrase up that I seem to recall from the sixties, although I was very young then. “Telling truth to power.” That appears to be my fate. Whether “power” listens or acts is beyond my control. I have been roundly criticized for “splitting our movement” and I am astonished by it. I have not asked anyone to do anything, except tell me whether or not they told Jim Risch they had spoken to me. I have now heard back from everyone but Phil Hart, and no one thus far has backed up the claim. I will tell that to anyone who will listen. Jim Risch lied, his campaign manager lied to try to make it better, and you attempt to paint Mark and I as having shirked our voting responsibilities rather than actually clear the matter up. If we see the events on the floor “differently” I would be curious what those differences might be, but it really does not matter. Mark and I know what was in our hearts, your motives become more evident every day.

I find it interesting that the few delegates who responded to my email all took the same tack. I asked people if they felt what took place was right; if we had served the duty owed to our constituents. They all replied that the rules had been followed. It does answer my question with more detail than I actually sought: As long as the rules defend a desired outcome, they are preferred over doing what is right. The voters were disenfranchised by the antics that night, whether rules were broken or not. What I seek is meaningful dialog, what I got feels a bit like “neener, neener, neener, we followed the rules.” I would like to point out that in Nevada, when the rules favored the Ron Paul delegates, brute force was preferred over the rules.

I seek a way to get the real, vitally important issues that lay before our nation brought in to the discussion by our candidates. I think it is fair to say I have tried. I do not wish to “split” the party, although I find myself increasingly dismayed with what the party will do for an appearance of unity, and what the party won’t do in search of actual unity. I desire a genuine educational effort by the party to bring our voters back into the process, to help empower them; the party shows no interest in representing the concerns of their voters, or even the voters themselves in a genuine manner.

So I guess the best thing I can do is follow my heart, which resonates with that old saying “telling truth to power.” You are in a position of power, I have your ear at some level, I am telling you the truth. After extensive research, I believe there is approximately an 85% chance that George Bush and Dick Cheney are war criminals. I believe there is about a 90% chance they knew about 9-11 in advance and hindered the Air Force defense system, and about a 65% chance one or both of them were complicit. I am 100% certain taxpayer dollars were spent to investigate, and the investigation failed to answer my questions to my satisfaction. I have seen a great deal of evidence supporting the “truthers” and I have seen the President and Vice President use executive privilege to avoid testifying under oath.

These men are at the head of our party and our nation. To continue to defend their actions as a party is causing a large rift, not Ron Paul or me. Many of us would like to see the party return to its platform, but there is a very large elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored. Those of us who believe the war was illegally begun under false pretenses cannot support its continuation. Those of you who believe there is a “terrorist” at every corner just waiting to jump out are grateful for the “security” the government gives you. Those of us who believe that terror is a tactic employed by evil men in places of power do not want the illusion of security, we want our Constitutional liberties restored.

I ask you again to call a meeting, we need a genuine dialog. There are two conversations going on in this party, pretending you have unity because you railroaded the Ron Paul delegates will not improve the situation. And at least half the people specifically said they were not happy with the meeting, and that they felt pressured.

In loving memory of Tristan Smith, and with deepest regrets to the brave men and women who feel they must kill themselves when they come to learn the truth. Their blood is on the hands of those in power that refuse to hear the truth.


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