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I joined

I joined the Libertarian Party in 1980. I started reading the Daily Paul about a year ago and it is now one of my three favorite sites. This is the first time I have joined in your chat.
It is fascinating to read posts of people making the same emotional trip I made when I joined the libertarians. First you think everyone is going to wake up, just like yourself. Then there are the swings from dismay, anger, reinvigoration, to frustration and then not being able to figure out why the message of freedom does not spread like wildfire.
From the Libertarian Party I have watched the liberty movement for 28 years and I can tell you the Ron Paul campaign is huge. If you are new to working for liberty you don’t know how fast you are really going. So many people for so many years, some well known in the movement and others anonymously in their own world, have been keeping the fire burning and building it slowly. And I think Ron Paul may be right; the time has arrived.
I have always questioned why, year after year, election cycle after election cycle does the LP chase after the media. No matter what the LP did, the media had no intention of getting the freedom choice out to the public. Face it; you saw this in the Ron Paul campaign. I gave the media the benefit of the doubt for not covering the LP. The Libertarian party had little money, small meetings, low vote totals, (although I think there is serious vote undercounting for the LP too). But when I saw Ron Paul raise the money, raise the crowds, and get the votes but still not get the media there was no more excuse to be made. They are not going to give you coverage because it is not in their interest.
Back then the LP had no alternative to TV and print media. The internet has changed that game. Realize that it is not the “main street media” it is the “old media” and they are nearly irrelevant. You can know this by watching who subsidizes their coverage by advertising. It is mainly the pharmaceutical, insurance, telecom, oil, and financial companies with an economic interest to maintain the system. The old media is not being watched by as many people as they lead us to believe. The 24 hour news shows are mostly self hype. The increasing rudeness and anger of the old media pundits show that they know they are no longer professional journalists. How can any real reporter cover the Republican or Democratic Conventions and not cover the protestors just beyond their cameras? They knew it was going on and they knew they were not covering it.
Design your strategies to use the internet, not getting on TV or in print. If you get old media fine but they do not have the audience they present themselves as having. So there is no reason to chase them.
Take your action local. Imagine your county with a libertarian sheriff, prosecutor and a few commissioners. Everything changes in your own world.
At the city, town and county levels you can get enough money and fellow libertarians to get enough votes. And not insignificantly, you can get the strength to monitor the election process, (particularly with absentee ballots).
I think the Libertarian Party is the 3rd party to go with. The LP has stayed true to the cause of liberty. (I am hoping Barr really did have a “Road to Damascus” experience.) The Libertarian Party has an organization in place. There is already a Libertarian Party in your state and maybe one in your county. The Libertarian Party has the best ballot access nationwide. And they have kept the coals of Liberty’s fire stoked for more than thirty years. Also remember it was the Libertarian Party that did nominate Ron Paul to carry their banner for President just twenty years ago.
Post Script: Obviously the above was written before the press conference. While I was trying to figure out how to do my first post, Tuesday’s news conference happened. Bob Barr – what a mistake. I hope he apologizes to Ron Paul as a person, the Libertarian Party, and all of you. If you cannot vote Barr for President, look for Libertarian Party candidates further down your ballot. The more active the Libertarian Party is in your area the fuller the slate of candidates you will have to choose from.

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There is a strong libertarian sentiment here.

There is no dislike of the traditional Libertarians in general. They comprise alot of our movement.

However, the recent debacle with the unmentionable candidate is being decried by real Libertarians and RP enthusiasts alike.
There is right and wrong, and there's a line that just isn't to be crossed.

So, you don't have to worry that we will cut off our noses to spite our faces.
We know who's who.
The deserving freedom candidates will get the votes, regardless of party affiliation. There are RP Repubs, RP Libertarians, RP Constitution Party members, even RP Democrats.
We're everywhere now..

This is not the normal Bob

This is not the normal Bob Barr libertarian post we have seen here lately. Rather, of late the libertarians seemed intent on ignoring, or even worse excusing the deficiencies of their nominees while at the same time insulting the people who found serious flaws with Barr and Root..

And how could we not have rejected Barr and Root? How could Bob Barr live up to Ron Paul after voting for the Patriot Act which symbolized voting against everything that Ron Paul has championed?

So you see this post of yours is restorative to me..... not all libertarians are blind. I look forward to more of your articles.

I joined LP

My bet is that I am not the only LP member appalled. Lew Rockwell's site is frothing about Barr's failure to appear. And I am sure the LP and Barr's campaign are hearing disapproval loud and clear.

My son is a liberatarian

and after the Republican convention I thought I would change parties. Not now an maybe not ever. If Barr is the best your got forget it. I'm going back to being Independent. Peace

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most excellent post. thanks

most excellent post.

thanks for sharing your insight and wisdom.

Thanks for the post, Golocal!

I also joined the Libertarian Party long ago (1981, while still in high school), and have ridden that exact same emotional roller coaster from dawning awareness to ferver to hard work to disappointment. Back when I first joined, I could not imagine how EVERYONE could not so obviously see the logic and merits of liberty, and could not understand how anyone could fall out of the Libertarian Party once they had joined; on the latter issue, I understand now! I knew, knew in my bones that Bob Barr was a terrible choice for the LP nomination, and I just hope that he does not end up destroying the party, as I have suspected was his goal from the beginning. If the government and powers-that-be openly admit to infiltrating political groups, how much of a stretch is it to believe that they would attempt to actively sabotage one? That is what I have felt Bob Barr's involvement in the LP has been from the start.

That's an interesting theory

I certainly know that the last guy that ran for President (Michael Badnarik?) is a wonderful Constitutional speaker and what I heard from him sounded true to the cause. I have never had that same feeling of core belief from Barr, and, of course, after yesterday...... But good to know that there are still people trying to rescue the LP and restore it to some sanity.

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