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Gas Rationing and Price Hikes in SC Today

Now, this has been on our local radio today, not sure it if is accurate, but the talk is that they will begin gas rationing at Midnight and there will be a relatively high price increase as well. They are saying it is due to IKE.

Anyone heard anything in any other States?

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Gasoline prices spike as Ike heads toward Texas


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Once again, the talk is that

Once again, the talk is that wholesale prices are now between $4 and $5 per gallon, you know that means that we will be probably be paying 50 cents to a buck over wholesale.

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Wholesale prices at $4 to $5

Wholesale prices at $4 to $5 per gallon? Just last week or maybe the week before that I bought regular unleaded for approx $3.40 per gallon in NJ. Although, NJ is always around 25 cents per gallon cheaper than nearly any other state from here to Florida. Still, though, 4-5 wholesale..... ugh...


Please keep us updated....

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If you get more information.Thanks!

bump for more info, this is

bump for more info, this is serious. Gold goes down, gas goes up. hahahahaa..wanna get them? buy one gallon at a time.