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The Eternal Return of Ron Paul

Unless the ex-candidate pulls his name off the ballot, Louisiana voters will have the chance to vote for Ron Paul in November. A group of Paul supporters have formed the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and placed a Ron Paul/Barry Goldwater, Jr. ticket in front of voters. Due to scheduling and bureaucratic mishaps related to Hurricane Gustav, Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root might not make the ballot, so for Trent Hill and his fellow LATaxpayers are running the libertarian show in Louisiana.

I quizzed Hill about the effort over e-mail.

reason: When did you start laying the groundwork for this?

Trent Hill: In Louisiana, no signatures are required to access the ballot. All that is required here in Louisiana is 9 notarized elector forms (1 from each Congressional District and 2 at-large) and a $500 filing fee. Although we asked Lew Rockwell to be the VP choice, we never really expected him to say yes, as we were quite familiar with his opposition to involvement in electoral politics. It was meant as a gesture of respect, mostly, though we certainly would have loved to have him. Considerations for Vice Presidential candidates was mostly limited to: Barry Goldwater Jr., former Governor Gary Johnson, or Chuck Baldwin. We first started to contact and fill out elector forms on Monday, August 25th. We had until September 2nd, giving us 8 short days (though Hurricane Gustav would later change this).

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