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Today is What? "Patriots Day". WTH

So, we're having a talk with my 11 yr. old after school and he looks at me and says "happy patriots day". That's what's printed on his school work for today.

I told him everyday is a patriot day, not just today.

The "good ole boy" GOP is dug in hard around here in S.C.

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Patriot ACT day.

"Patriot Day" versus "Patriot's Day"


I hate wiki too, but they make this distinction for me.
It is a sick little perversion, "ritual mockery" if you will.
Commemorating the day the massacred their own citizens to take away their liberties by paying homage to the people who gave us those liberties.
Here is one of the perks of not being Christian: I HATE the people who continue this sick game. And I have NO FEAR of damnation for hating them, indeed I feel it is all that is good within me that inspires me to hate them.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.