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What actually happened at the RNC? GOP National Delegate Catherine Bleish tells ALL! Tonight on the North Virginia Patriots show

Catherine Bleish Ron Paul delegate will tell the enitre story LIVE

When : September 11 2008 7pm eastern 6pm central

Where : www.revolutionbroadcasting.com



Dr. Steve Parent

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2 guys are discussing

rallying behind one party.... am I too early?


Steve, did you go to the rally or convention? I did the rally but did not meet any DPers unfortunately. I did meet alot of great liberty lovers.

I have a meeting. Will they archive it?

"Committed To The Eradication Of Poverty Among Patriots"

"Those Who Strive For Excellence Refuse To Fear Mediocrity; They Eradicate It."

several delegates tell all to Indy in Asia


Indy interviewed me yesterday. He was SO kind, let me speak freely and encourages all who witnessed the nonsense to come speak out.

Tell it, Catherine! We WILL be heard!!!

And friends, this little lady deserves heard - she is a warrior.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Catherine is great but Indy

Catherine is great but Indy doesn;t really understand how the delegated process works but we do. This will be very good information for everyone.

Thank you for being a delegate.




Dr. Steve Parent