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Ron Paul does not want his name on Montana ballot

He does not want to be on the ballot in Montana. And he does not want to be written in. He wants you to vote for a third party candidate like Barr, Baldwin, McKinney or Nader.


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ummmm he said he didnt care,

ummmm he said he didnt care, so long as he didnt have to sign anything etc. This post is lie.

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His campaign coordinator got permission

Dave Hart, Paul's campaign coordinator during the Montana primary, said he spoke with Paul last week at a breakfast meeting. Hart said Paul gave him permission to be placed on the ballot.

Hart said he can't explain why Paul was now asking to be taken off the ballot.

"I told him the Montana Constitution Party made this request. He said he was not going to encourage or discourage it, and as long as it didn't require him to sign a form with the secretary of state, it would be fine," Hart said. "I'm a little perplexed now."
More at: http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/ron_paul_want...

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Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

This is a good decision.

It was perhaps one reason why the LP and Barr campaign felt strange, why Paul's name would be in competition to Barr in an important libertarian state of Montana.
It seems that the problem with the LP campaign does not lie with Barr himself, but - as David Nolan suggests - with Russ Verney and Shany Cory (who are both not Libertarians and do thus not understand the ideology). Barr need to take bold step, fire both of them and he will restore trust and boost his campaign. As Barr may well not be on the ticket in LA, they can be grateful that Paul-Goldwater would be on the ticket there.


we know he wants us to vote for Chuck Baldwin
and is open for those who want to vote Nader or McKinney....
but barr - doubt it!

Kinda Where I Ended Up, Too

For all our talk of supporting Dr Paul and being strict Constitutionalists, why don’t we read the Constitution and realize that Dr Paul can be elected President without appearing on a single State ballot?

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looks like it's too late to change it now...

how do you find the original ap story?

E Pluribus Unum...

.....Out of many, one.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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The Meistersinger Party

...Has nominated Ron Paul for President and Meistersinger for Vice President. It's a high energy write-in oriented campaign.

I will be voting for that ticket because those guys are cool.

Ron Paul doesn't want to be President either

What's your point?

Inform yourself and do whatever you feel is right and Ron Paul will be proud of you.


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Sounds kinda like an endorsement

food freedom,one seed at a time.

For Chuck Baldwin by our good Dr. Paul.(I can dream!!!!)

How on earth can you twist

How on earth can you twist that into an endorsement? It would be equality logical to argue that he said that as he doesn't want to be associated with being part of that party.

It was a joke..

food freedom,one seed at a time.

Lighten up.