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Do you want to help elect the first Libertarian party congressman?

Mike Benoit is the organizer of the third or fourth largest Ron Paul meetup group in the country and one of the most tireless workers for liberty that I have ever seen. He is running a very strong campaign against Duncan Hunter, Jr. in San Diego, and the latest poll results show him in the mix with 13% and rising. Here is one of his latest emails:

I have decided that I must be crazy especially since it seems most people I know don't seem to think there is any urgency to act now and with conviction.

Some dictator in the Federal Government, I am not sure which one or by what authority but they have seized and Nationalized somewhere around 50 percent of the mortgages in the US. I don't see any uproar. In fact all I see is the Market about to surge in response to a very serious blow to liberty and the remnants of the free market.

How far are we from "Comrad you have a lot of space in your home and others have no home so we are ordering you to share your home with the needy."? How many ways is the government confiscating our property? They do it by taxes, eminent domain, zoning, tickets, fees, loans, inflation and plain out confiscation. All of our rights come from ownership of property whether it be our minds, bodies or all other personal property. What happens when the government owns it all?

Evil triumphs because good men do nothing.

I am running for Congress in California's 52nd District and I am convinced I can win with help. When I win liberty wins and tyranny suffers. I need money to mail 50,000 postcards to absentee voters in the District. I need people who will make phone calls and others who will canvass the business and residential areas with me. Will you resist tyranny with me?

If you will help with money please either paypal to me at mblibertarian7@earthlink.net or send it to:
Mike Benoit
8781 Cuyamaca St. Ste. D.,
Santee, Ca. 92071

Otherwise email me back and tell me what you are available to do.

Greedy for Liberty
Liberty Daddy
Mike Benoit

Please support this man in any way you can. I have been making phone calls on his behalf. If I had the money to spare I would be mailing postcards for him as well. Let's get Ron some help in the House and get the first ever Libertarian congressman elected THIS YEAR!!!

For more information on Mr. Benoit check out www.benoit08.com

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Morning bump for Mr. Benoit (pronounced Ben-wah)

His latest email:

What would it mean to have one more person fighting for liberty and the Constitution in the United States Congress? Someone who is actually greedy for liberty not for power or money?

Ron Paul said that liberty is there for the taking and I believe it is. I believe I can win this race for the 52nd District in California.

Many think I am nuts for making such a statement. That is a Libertarian winning a seat in Congress. I think those who don't think it is possible are nuts.

How will liberty ever win if we don't believe it will?

The campaign has already distributed 100's of thousands of our million dollar bills and these bills are in recirculation and recirculation. Our signage is already superior to the competition.

The district is an open seat this time. The competition - both candidates - are for staying in the middle east. They can split the pro war vote and I will gladly take the anti-war vote.

The people are hurting and they are starting to come around to thinking it is D.C. that is mostly to blame for the problems we face. They are tired of losing their freedoms and the astronomical debt being passed on to them through taxation, borrowing and the printing of money.

We have a dedicated staff of 10 and several other volunteers but we still need a lot of help.

I am accepting gifts of money to help me pay my expenses at mblibertarian7@earthlink.net for PayPal or mail to:

Mike Benoit,
8781 Cuyamaca St. Ste D.
Santee, Ca. 92071

We need people in the district that can post yard signs, help in the office, make phone calls, address post cards, display bumper stickers and magnetic signs.

We are having two big days of sign waving the first is October 4th and then November 1st.

Every Saturday we are out passing out material through the district join us if you can. Check out the website www.benoit08.com for more information including my first book Tyranny Busters, The Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax. Please also join our on line meet up at http://ronpaul.meetup.com/75/

"Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

Please undergo with me.

Mike Benoit

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