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Disunity being targeted upon us.

Hi all. I was a RP delegate to the Wa. state GOP convention from Skagit county, and I spoke vehemently before the Wa. state GOP credentials committee as to the corruption I witnessed at the county convention. I wanted to share some observations of our movement. Specifically, I wish to speak of wedge issues and drama that drive us apart. If we show our wounds, open sores etc., some neo-con is gonna poke it hard, and say "did that hurt?" while inwardly chuckling....

1) Regarding 9/11, our movement is largely split. I recommend 2 things. First, that liberty minded truthers focus on the neo-con faction within our government that may be responsible for allowing 9/11 to occur in order to strip us of our civil liberties, cement authoritarian control, and bring more profits to the military industrial complex. Rather than spouting the "9/11 was an inside job, our government did it!" line, I have found that moderating the tone to be more effective. Rather than cast an overly wide blanket claiming "our government was behind it", I have had more effective results showing people the links between the Bushes and Bin Ladens with the Carlyle Group, and how the specter of 9/11 is constantly used to psychologically beat us into obedience to the state. I'm not saying I disagree with truthers claims (well, "no plane" theories are total crap spouted by feds and msm to discredit truthers), but as much as I like listening to Alex Jones, his model of bullhorning "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" is not going to be effective in winning hearts and minds in this information war. Target the "Neo-cons", not "Republicans". Target the "Neo-cons", not "the Government". This will lend you more credibility.

Secondly, non-truthers could learn to be more objective, less obstinate, and use critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning without preconceptions. Was Bin Laden responsible for 9/11? if so Prove it! If the FBI can't even gather enough evidence to formally charge him for it, and you can, then share it with the FBI please. Rather than use inductive reasoning to prove Bin Laden did it, use deductive reason to find the facts and figure out all who responsible and in what capacity. In short, do not attempt to find facts to support your preconditioned beliefs, just find the facts, the truth, and let the chips fall where they may, for better or for worse.

My point is not to debate the particular questions of 9/11 here, but to point out that questions like these that Gov. Ventura asks are OK to ask. Instead of starting threads in ALL CAPS LOCKS with "JESSE VENTURA IS A TRUTHER" like your having a panic attack is counter-productive. Welcome all liberty loving people to our movement. Be inclusive, not divisive. Ron Paul is being inclusive with inviting Gov. Ventura to our movement. Let us follow his example. As a result, Dr. Paul has moderated Gov. Ventura's tone somewhat, and I believe this is beneficial to our movement as a whole.

2) Bob Barr drama. That's all this is, "drama". More crap to keep us divided, not unified. Is Bob Barr to blame for that? Yes, but does that mean we have to make a soap opera out of it? No. That does not reflect well on our movement, and it shows we are divided. Thank Bob Barr for making his position known and clear. Because he was too proud to stand on the same stage as Baldwin, now we are unified "against" him as being the standard bearer for liberty. His loss. LP's loss. Baldwins gain. Constitution Party's gain. I'm voting for Baldwin.

My point here is that our movement is descending into drama if we allow little scenes like this to ruffle our feathers or get our panties in a bunch. I commend Adam Kokesh for his principled stance. Bob Barr is now yesterdays news to me. Only 3 alternatives were presented by our dear Dr. on stage, not 4, so I say we Unify behind one of them and move forward. Otherwise we look like a bunch of cats, whiners, and/or drama queens, split between pro-barr paulites vs. anti-barr paulites. This prospect sounds so ridiculous to me, but I see it being played out here...

3) DIGG NOW! OMG DIGG DUGG DIGG HURRY! Again, I respectfully criticize the over-use and abuse of the CAPS LOCKS function of the keyboard. Not being someone who is into Prozac, Ritalin, Zanex, or Zoloft, I would however like to recommend Saint Johns Wort. Natural, it's at health food stores, and rite-aid/bartells/walgreens, etc. Works great!

My point here is that the abuse of all caps exhibits a reactionary nature on our part, and it kind of makes us look overly alarmist. I think we could be much more effective articulating our points calmly and logically. I really do like that there is a specific section for DIGGS now. I think that's a good improvement. I'm not opposed to the use of DIGG as a strategy for getting others to come our way, I merely criticize the appearance of panic with which it usually appears on the right hand column of the screen when I click on Daily Paul. I'm not singling out Digg posts mind you, but respectfully criticizing all titles of threads and posts that contain all caps locks as immature.

I propose solutions to these issues. We should 1st calm down, and then be ever watchful for when wedge issues are being driven at a frenzy on our boards and in our community. Recognize them when they erupt, and marginalize them as quickly as possible so we can move forward towards liberty from a set of shared principals, and goals, (like the 4 issues the candidates all agreed on), regardless of whatever drama may come. That way these wedges can not be used to marginalize us or our message. We, more than any other group in our country today, understand the Hegelian dialectic techniques. Who are we to point out MSM's abuse of them upon the populace if we do not keep our own house in order when they are used here? Let us not go the way of the Patriot movement around the times of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Everyone was all in a huff, but stupid little wedge issues kept the various patriot groups divided and unable to unify, each one talkin smack about the other. The same thing goes on today between all the anti-illegal immigration groups arguing. It's a miracle we don't have amnesty already.

In closing, I believe we can move forward as a movement, and with the C4L, I certainly believe that our movement can be a lasting and enduring one, but only if we do not allow wedges to divide us, and we conduct ourselves with professionalism when wedges are being used against us, or hot issues come up for debate. I think cooler heads can prevail, and if we are the ones with the cooler heads as we move forward towards Restoring our Republic, then We Shall Prevail!

I know some may take exception to some of my comments. All I ask is that if you choose to become offended at something I said, that you at least exhibit the personal responsibility this movement preaches and accept responsibility for your choice to become offended. After all, the difference between Freedom and Liberty is that Liberty has an inherent component of Personal Responsibility in it.

Thank you all so much for your efforts (even when THEY LOOK LIKE THIS!) I am proud to be a part of this movement, and my criticisms come with proposed solutions, in hopes of making us a stronger body, not divided by hurt feelers or stepped on emotions.


P.S. The only thing I will apologize for is my long-windedness. At least I used paragraphs instead of 1 big long run on sentence, LOL! :)

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a simple thought...

I felt very good in letting gmail know that I feel any emails from McCain should be treated as spam.


Just remember there has always been hysteria and dramas here, ups and downs....it has always been the strength also...since it always refocus into great passion, resolve and motivation for positive activities.
The reason is ofc that Ron and his message inspires passion which is also why this movement will succeed.



Great post.
"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

I try to tell the Freedom loving IND

To stop BICKERING and infighting. Lets get a freedom minded and somewhat intelligent person in the White house and then worry about NITPICKING what part of the Terrible history we have to repair....

We are our own worst enemy and divided WE will Fall...

Freedom may be worth searching for.

Remember, Dont battle the govt with guns(ALONE), Beat them in court, in state legislature, or hire Ron Paul for president.

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.