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Ron Paul has handed us the torch. Let's take it and run.

My favorite line from Ron Paul is when he said, "I have flaws, but the message doesn't". He has given us the message to spread with these four issues.

In my view, he has handed us the torch. It is now our job to get these issues into the national debate.

I believe there is only one way: Rally in the swing states.

If you saw RP and Nader sit down with Wolfe Blitzer, it is obvious that McCain and Obama are concerned about third-party candidates in the swing states.

Every year the election is decided by a handful of swing states. This gives the swing states special influence over the national agenda.

We need to get feet on the ground in the swing states to educate them about these four issues and where each candidate stands on them.

This will also pay dividends in the future, because the message will spread in the most influential states giving a foundation for RP's 2012 run (assuming he doesn't run third party in 2008). We can do it under the logo of the Campaign for Liberty, create slim-jims, and walk the pavement.