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Open Letter to Barr Campaign From New Mexico Coordinator

Open Letter to Barr Campaign From New Mexico Coordinator
by Dusty Sensiba
Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Barr campaign's actions this week remind me of the accidental discharge of a firearm during Barr's failed 2002 primary run. Attempting to shame Ron Paul into supporting him, not attending his joint press conference because he didn't get his way and then calling Paul's supporters a cult of personality were bad decisions. The pen should not be wielded with less care than the sword (or in this case, .38-caliber pistol).

I think the Barr campaign has done a lot of good so far in influencing this election. If there were no threat on his right flank, McCain would have probably picked Lieberman for his VP candidate instead of Palin, who agrees with us in many ways. I know that good things can happen even when a candidate doesn't win because their involvement in the process helps shape the debate and influences the winning candidate. I thought the Barr campaign could continue to be a good vehicle to spread the message of liberty, but apparently I was wrong.

Ron Paul was trying to unite the various third parties for the cause of personal liberty. Pressure from third parties--all third parties--is needed to push the political process in the right direction. Paul was humble enough to realize that the support of people we don't agree with in all things will be needed.

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Good read...

Dusty resigned...I gave the article a thumbs up....

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