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American Ex-pat Freedom Revolutionaries

As you know, many American ex-pats are also watching what's going on. I remember that many Daily Paul posters that aren't Americans had an idea of coming together and forming a group. I think it might come down to having American ex-pats that love freedom to come together and try to build an international group, that way when the time comes we can take the bulls by the horns. It will be hard as hell, but we can try can't we? If you're having a hard time fighting the battle at home, it's only fair that ex-pats get involved I think. I welcome all types of suggestions as to try to wake the ex-pats up. For freedom!

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Thank You Ex-Pats!!

So many news items have been reported here thanks to you that we might never have seen otherwise. Thanks to you I'm the smartest guy at work. Ok, I'm the only guy at work, but if I ever find a helper...

All I ever wanted...

was to some day move to Amsterdam and enjoy my days playing music and relaxing....but nooooo, f**k globalist pieces of trash had to ruin the world


A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

Expats are awake.

We get a much different news than you do.


Lisa C.

**This space is available.**

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Wide Awake

Hoarding my liberty in the Bahamas.

capn Mike

Sorry for not being

Sorry for not being specific. I'm very much aware that ex-pats like you have been awake for a long time. What I should've said is ex-pats that aren't part of the movement we're in. I have a sister living in Switzerland who's an ex-pat and she told me that she only voted in the general election, because she thought the primaries we're not important. I did talk to her alot about Dr. Paul but got no feed back. Back to my point, I think I didn't phrase this out well and meant that ex-pats should get together and form a group, if there isn't one already. Luckily, my dad told me that ex-pats usually have a different point of view on what's going on in the U.S. than many Americans living back home.

You'll have the best luck in Europe.

That's where most expat Americans are. People like cologne and Fabio would be good people to talk to.

In my neck of the world, except for American exchange students, Yanks are few and far between.

I own www.ronpaulinternational.com if anyone can find a good home for it.


Lisa C.

**This space is available.**

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!


Here's a bump for that great Idea!!