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Ron Paul's Message is affecting the Younger Generation.

Although Ron Paul may have failed in his presidential bid, his message has certainly not and I believe everyone can testify to that! Just think about how many people have been woken up to the horrors our government is responsible for.

I will not name the school for certain purposes and I am sure you will all know why. It is still in the works, but approximately 10 of us at first are all getting Ron Paul R3volution shirts and are going to wear them the same day to school. We believe that if it is successful, more will join us. We think our numbers could reach 50, maybe after a month or two of this process. We will wear them around school and I will surely put up pictures online with all of us wearing them. We plan on ordering them next week, so in about 3 weeks it should take place hopefully. What a great way to spread the message of freedom and liberty to a young generation at the 83rd best high school in the United States (according to a recent survey).

This story will be updated in a few weeks, I'll promise we will get pictures up!!!!!

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Hey Buddy, if you need a

Hey Buddy, if you need a site I have this domain we started a project for but never got far with:


Save the date!

We used to do Ron Paul Fridays - Post the date so that more of us can join in and make a national impact!

Hopefully, your school doesn't have ridiculous rules regarding the display of political signage...

How about Campaign for

How about Campaign for Liberty instead?

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

We need the gear

Is there a link to some good C4L gear (stickers, shirts, etc.)? There is a link to a few items here on DP, but they still keep the focus on RP...

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Good Luck :-)

And I mean that as a good thing from my heart. I hope the school officials don't step in with some stupid reason to stop the message.

People worldwide support Dr. Paul too !

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

That is wonderful....

let us know when it happens.. can't wait to see the pics...maybe you can even youtube it...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

We applaud your efforts,

We applaud your efforts, fellow patriots!


This movement is the wave of the future.

And it is scaring the crap out of the establishment!

Spread the word!

Tell us the t-shirt BOMB date so we could join in as well.

This should go viral!!


Maybe, the Campaign for Liberty web site would be great to somehow get that out there I am making a yard sign with it. Peace Patriot

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

If we got a bunch of us,

If we got a bunch of us, this could go viral online and even on national news.


Big bump for the younger generation!

Way to go, you guys! Good luck. Back to the Constitution, our freedom depends on it!