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Coalition of the Third Parties

I'm attending college at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania and majoring in Political Science. Well in my Politics of Western Europe class, we were talking about the parliaments over there and how they elect. Most countries in Europe have Parliments and most of those Parliments are make up of multiple parties,some as many as 12 political parties in their parliament. With a Parliament system, the Parliament elects the Executive Branch, such as Prime Minister and another departments.

Now with Countries with multiple parties,it is unusual to find majority parties (over 50% of members in Parliament belonging to a certain party). With this system parliaments usually have to form a coalition of different parties so they get a majority in parliament to form an agreement on the Executive Branch. The larger party in the coalition usually gets the Prime Minister spot, but with all the other spots, such as the minister of defense,ect. they are made up of other parties in the coalition.

I think this would be a great idea if our Third Parties formed a coalition for our Executive Branch, such as the spot for President. A coalition of Third Parties could be a force to be reckoned with. It could seriously stand up to the Democrats and Republicans in the Presidential Elections. I believe we need something like a coalition of the Third Parties to keep the Democrats and Republicans in order,so we can keep our rights and follow the Constitution.

I think this is what the Campaign for Liberty should be working towards a coalition of the third parties. It might not be possible for this election, but maybe i could be for 2012.

In Liberty,
Michael Anderson

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I come from Europe

and live in Canada where we have many political parties
to give you an example the Green party just got accepted into the debates!
I think its a great idea to form a coalition.


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Get third parties

Get third parties onto the primary ballots.
Why is it that only repubs and dems get to hold primaries?
Why not Libertarians, Greens, Independent, Constution, etc.
It is tax payer funded. The repubs and dems don't pay for it. We do!
I think this would excite the people into joining other parties and voting as one of them. It would also bring much needed exposure by the news media.
Does anyone know anything about how this could be accopmplished?

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I had this exact

I had this exact conversation with my family the other day and we all agreed that the third party candidates should unite and form a coalition.

Strategically, I think it would be a smart move. It would get our voices heard and we could easily compete against the phony two party system.

Even though we have our disagreements, we at least all respect and understand the Constitution and agree on those 4 critical issues that Ron Paul laid out at the press conference.

We need to unite and get the debates opened. That action alone could be enough to wake America up from its slumber and really take our Revolution to a point of no return. We could win this thing... I can feel it.

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I do not believe the Parties

I do not believe the Parties should merge into one party. The Parties believe in two many different things that are important to them. But if they can act like some European Countries in Parliaments and have there parties come together only on the Presidential Elections, then there would be a huge differents in the political World.... It would give the Third Parties huge power against the Democrats and Republicans

I believe we should start LOBBYing the Campaign for Liberty for them to start working on this... It might be too late in the game to do it this year, but after the elections the Campaign for Liberty, should have all the National 3rd Partys Organizations come together and start to work it out so in 2012 they can come into the election with one voice, as President, but sharing the power with all the members by puttin them in the Head of Departments.

Great minds think alike.

That was the first thing that popped into my mind the other day when I heard about the Announcement.

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I Agree

And toward that effect, I recommend:

If you live in Oklahoma, you have no choice. Write-in Ron Paul.

If you live in Montana or Louisiana, rejoice! You get to vote for Ron Paul!

If you live in New Hampshire, please vote for George Phillies (the other Libertarian).

If you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, The Dakotas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, or Wyoming vote for Chuck Baldwin.

If you live in Arizona, California, The District of Columbia, Kansas, or Maine, you have my condolences. You may as well vote for Cynthia McKinney or Bob Barr.

If you live in Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Texas, you have my deepest condolences. You’re stuck with Ralph Nader or Bob Barr. Sorry.

If you can’t abide my recommendations, then, your State permitting, you could write in Ron Paul, your mom, your dog, or even Bob Barr.

But never Never NEVER vote for McBama!

This decision is rather painful for me, as it will be the first Presidential election for me (since 1976) in which I will not be voting for the Libertarian. It looks as though the Barr Campaign has burned that bridge, and it likely won’t be rebuilt until at least 2010. But still I reach out, optimistic sentimental sot that I am, and hope Barr does well in Georgia.

For all our talk of supporting Dr Paul and being strict Constitutionalists, why don’t we read the Constitution and realize that Dr Paul can be elected President without appearing on a single State ballot?

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Check out VotePact for a similar idea

http://www.votepact.org It's just getting started, I hope you'll join.

I think they may be working towards this

My heart belongs to Ron Paul, but for now my ass belongs to Chuck Baldwin, www.baldwin08.com

It may be our only shot. Keep up the great work.

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