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I always thought that it would take an economic 9/11 to get Dr. Paul in the White House

Is that time now? Will people of all walks become believers if he was the only one warning us these things? Isn't this why we are HERE because we KNOW these things because of HIM? He's a genius. He is the only one who can straighten this out from the Executive branch. We need you Dr. Paul. The US needs you!! Please take Barr's position with the LP or SOMETHING! Your movement will grow EVERYWHERE and it will grow like wildfire. People will see it now. Coddled eyes will now be opened and a savior is needed. That savior is you. The economic 9/11 is hitting and like you said, our foreign policy has much to do with it. We can help! I roll my eyes at posts that claim you can come back and win. Although we all want that in the end, your unlimited exposure to the US is needed now. Who knows, maybe the MSM may welcome you. They have families too!!

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And with a quiet chuckle, he'd murmur, "You don't."

It would not surprise me in the least if suddenly Paulsen, the FED, and the current administration begged RP to enlighten them on how to turn this around.

lol this would be

lol this would be interesting

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

It would be to me

and 350,000,000 Americans