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Red Eye on Fox News Just Trashed Ron Paul and the Rally

They went there and interviewed Ron Paul everyone look like a kook including Ventura because if fire doesn't melt steel then what do construction welders do on buildings.

Ron Paul stated he was concerned about people who like him too much and that they were weird.

Break the Matrix was a joke because you don't watch TV on your computer apparently.

If you are at the Rally you don't believe in the Holocaust.

If you're a member of the Constitutional Party you do not know the Constitution.

Not only are there no attractive Libertarian women at the Rally, but there were no women at all. Only men wearing capes and conspiracy crackpots...

So they only get each other...

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I don't see the big deal

Fox is just get some lame revenge for being savaged on YouTube on a daily basis.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

TV trivia

IT's easy to trash people when the cards are stacked in your favor. They operate just like the blackmailing gov't. STACKED DECK

I'm red eye trash I guess. IT came from experts

H WELL I don't need a national broadcast to tell me I'm weird. Sounds to me like someone who wastes ,what, a million dollar salary just to tell the world I'm weird is Pretty weird in themself. I have been labled all my life & I wouldn't have it anyother way. MY wife tells me this fact everyday. She only makes 35000 a year . FOX want to save some salary money ?
I'll lease her out for 50000.

ya... that was pretty

ya... that was pretty bad.... sadly, I definitely agree with a lot of what they said/made fun of.

It's pretty sad that we can be portrayed liked crazies/idiots... it's unacceptable..... I mean, Ron Paul himself thinks it.

okay- I watched the entire thing- yeah we got clowned

but we can take a punch right? It was pretty cleverly edited to make us look like Trekkies or whatever- but that sort of thing can be done to ANY group- and all groups who have any kind of recognition WILL get stuff like that. It wasnt a straight piece to inform- just clearly a way of poking at us- which is cool since they only bother to do that to people they perceive as being at the top of their game. People know that the fires werent as hot as blow torches etc. Also take heart that of the entire interview that dweeb secured with RP for this piece (which they were hoping would be the centerpiece btw) they could only find 5 seconds of twistable footage. It was cute and if it were making fun of anyone else itd be alright haha. Im glad we are worth lampooning- thats status: )

Live Free or Diebold

Don't watch Fox..but

"Ron Paul stated he was concerned about people who like him too much and that they were weird."

I like Ron Paul way too much and I am weird!

Dale Legan

"Behind the visible government there is an invisible government upon the throne that owes the people no loyalty and recognizes no responsibility.

To destroy this invisible government, to undo the ungodly union between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the task of a statesman."

-Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, during his 1912 election campaign (104)

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One Louv. ;-)..

You mean Andy Levy's little smear piece?

Obviously, he set out to smear the Ron Paul convention.


These guys are just common fools. Just look at the incredible headlines on Greg Gutfeld's & Andy Levy's site, things like Pamela Anderson:


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

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TV-Free since 2001.
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Fortune Favors the Bold


Fortune Favors the Bold

Thanks for keeping us informed...

At least we know they still fear us... if they're talking shit.... probably trying to pick their sorry ratings up.

These hacks are total sell outs...who knows what they've done to just get on tv... sad, ignorant and stupid really gets little respect from me.

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"Fire Team for Freedom"
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I don't have a tv

I've seen one clip of the show once. It looked like a room full of [{("happy")}] people to me. Every other topic was about "happiness". So who cares about what "happy" people say.

i saw it

i saw it. they also trashed the RP supporters earlier by saying that on the other side of their ron paul signs it said "will work for food".

youtube anyone?
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Define Irony

How ironic will that sign comment be when the dollar crashes, and we "Crazy Ron Paul People" will be the only ones WITH FOOD, as we followed Dr. Paul's advice and exchanged or "money" for gold & silver, so we'll be the only ones who can still BUY food! HA HA! Suckers! ;o)

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Good thing nobody watches Red Eye!


Ron Paul is on top of their (Fox) game

and they know it. Large sections of the voters were educated by RonPaul, and they are scared s***less..
the more they fear the viler the attacks become.

Yes, This is actually a good indicator.

I'm glad to hear it.

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Have you seen the documentary


You're missing the point

Ron Paul set himself up for this.

People who were at the rally and had their footage mangled should see this.

If you don't want to then what's the point in commenting over and over about how you supposedly don't care? I don't mind the bump I guess.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
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Where have I ever said I don't care

I was just wondering if you had seen that video. It's no shock they did that, it's not the line they're walking.

No offense to OpenRevolt but

No offense to OpenRevolt but really, why bother posting this? There is no point. Who cares what Fox news thinks? Watching a test-pattern holds more value than 99% of any Fox News programming and it's twice as educational.

Why post anything from any news

Why even use the internet to talk about politics for that matter?

There is no point.

If you aren't aware of what's out there because you don't like it then you aren't aware.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

Fox are the kooks they are just a propaganda machine

we all know this..


Yeah, but the people NEED to see this and know they are clearly

An enemy.

I mean Red Eye is a complete trash show, but this deserves to get out there.

This wasn't propaganda, this was pure hate speech on Ron Paul and the rally.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:


I always have fun watching this oreilly clip LOL