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Warning Sounded on Web's Future - READ Censor


Article on BBC news from WEB scientist on how the WEB needs to be controlled to weed out fact from fiction. Hmmm.

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Fact from fiction? More

Fact from fiction? More likely control over the uncontrollable... revolution!


money bomb?

to be a "founding donor" as a group?

it's where I go to decide

it's where I go to decide who I'm going to trust to vote," he said.

"It's where I go maybe to decide what sort of religion I'm going to belong to or not belong to; it's where I go to decide what is actual scientific truth - what I'm actually going to go along with and what is bunkum".

Thats pretty sad if his decisions (to vote for some body or choose a religion or find his scientific truth) come from the web. I hate to tell him that the web is information not dicision. The individual collects the information then the decision is made by induiduals. Hes a shill end of story. The powers that be must own all sources of information no matter what. They must hold power not the individual. These people make me sick.

Yes, they're trying to "improve" the web

All these viewpoints make life so confusing... Yes, let's go back to the pre-web days when they could just lie to us unabated.

"I killed the banks"

We need to ALL join this organization

and change its goals.

the road to hell. it's

the road to hell. it's wall to wall paved with those do-gooders intentions.

sick. i tell ya. sick.