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Good Photo & Video Galleries of the GOP RNC

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Thanks for sharing the links

There's been some pretty harsh articles in both the twin cities papers regarding the police action during the RNC, specificly the brutal and oppressive actions of them. Whether anything comes out of the hearings that will / are taking place about this, is unknown yet. The op-eds were from staff writers and the public, almost all condemming what happened. I think this event totally got the reporters and journalists attention bigtime, since they as well got arrested, harressed and injured.

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Yes, I was there, not for

Yes, I was there, not for the protests, but for the conventions. The video and images repeatedly shown on TV are very deceptive. It reminds me of when the news showed video over and over again of one man running out of a store with some boxes of candy during hurricane Katrina. There were only a few isolated incidents of violent protesters, but those incidents got played over and over again. For the most part the protesting was peaceful - except for clashes with police.

The truth is, almost all the intimidation, force and aggression that I saw, was coming from the 3,500 police officers and Army soldiers stationed around the city, telling people to get away, not take pictures, and leave. If anything, the violent protesting was a result of the police state.

Apparently if you did not follow orders, you either got shot at with tear gas grenades, percussion grenades, or smoke grenades, and sometimes arrested if you were in the wrong place.

The question I wonder, is if there were no police there, would the protestors have had anyone to quarrel with?

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