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I'm Selling Ron Paul's Book on Ebay to Benefit the Campaign

Ladies and Gentleman, Friends and Supporters,

I've listed my copy of the book "Freedom Under Siege" on Ebay. I originally bought this book used on Amazon and used it to scan in for the electronic version that is available on this site, here. The starting bid for the book is $100.

My purpose for doing this is to increase my cash contribution to the campaign. I will donate ALL proceeds from the sale (less Ebay transactions costs) to the campaign. I'll post a copy of my check online when the deal is done.

The Ebay listing for the book is here

Who would be interested in this book? This is a first edition. So first edition that the word "Siege" is misspelled on the spine, front cover and title page as "Seige!" Most of these books were destroyed, so it is a collectors item.

Also, if you've already donated the maximum amount possible to the campaign, you can consider bidding on the book as a way to get more money into the campaign's pocket.

The auction expires in 9 days, on July 19, 2007 at 7:41 PM Eastern time. Contact me with any questions using the contact form on this page, or via the Ebay system.

And please help spread the word to anyone who might be interested! Tell your rich friends!

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom

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I was just trying to

I was just trying to understand where the incentive would be for a person to donate to you, so you can in turn donate to the RP campaign, when they could easily donate the money in their name and be 100% certain where the money's going to. Maxing out the 2300 is a good explanation. Also, I hadn't read the entire post, didn't know it was actually worth 100+.

The risk? The risk lies in the fact that they don't know you personally and can't rest assured that the money is going to Ron's campaign. I know your dedication to this site and to Ron, as do most people who are going to bid on the book, so it's likely a non-issue.

Also, what OCR program did you use to scan the text? Is it commercial? Every one I've used is just awful.

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I cannot understand why you

I cannot understand why you would be concerned with a "phantom" person's risk. If you don't feel there is a risk, because you know of my dedication, why suggest that such a thing is risky? This sends totally the wrong message to the phantom "them" -- whoever they are. Rather than spread fear (which apparently you do not have), why not instead spread you trust?

And I don't mean to be snotty, but in all seriousness, you should read the ENTIRE post before you respond to it, precisely to avoid misunderstandings such as these.

The OCR program is called OmniPro 9, by Caere.

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as i stated earlier, since

as i stated earlier, since the book is actually worth more than the paper it was printed on (which greatly minimizes the risk since you're actually getting something), and since this is supposed to be primarily for people that maxed out their donations, i don't have an argument. let's say hypothetically that it wasn't a collectors edition and you could still donate more, i'm sure you can see why i wouldn't see the purpose to needlessly risk (however small it is) your donation.

i hadn't read the complete post because i forget that you have to click on it to read the entire thing, sorry about that.

Hello Michael, Question: On

Hello Michael,

Question: On the ronpaulhq.com site, they have "Paul-Mart" where you can buy Ron Paul campaign items. (I bought $63.00 worth.) Doesn't the proceeds from these sales go to the Ron Paul campaign (anything over cost)? I particularly liked the “Ron Paul Nuggets” and bought a bunch to hand out. (Stick them everywhere, like on the magazines at my doctor’s office.)

If yes, then here's an idea:
Aaron Russo put out a signed limited edition poster for his movie "America: Freedom to Fascism". Not only did I donate, I also paid either $100 or $129 (can't remember which) for his autographed poster (got #145). I no longer see them for sale so I'm guessing they sold out.

I think it would be a good idea if Dr. Paul autographed a poster similar to that of the AFTF? For those who have already reached their campaign donation limits, this could be a way to do more. I would certainly want to buy one (or 2). A limited edition of say 2,500 at $100 would bring in another $250,000 at a relatively small cost.

From an investment standpoint, I once paid $10,000 for an original document signed by George Washington (unfortunately, I lost it in a forced bankruptcy back in 1980). When Dr. Paul becomes President; what a prize his signed poster would be.

Just a thought,

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Great idea


That is a great idea. I will talk to the campaign about that.

xen_lord - as FreedomRings correctly stated, and as I mentioned in the post above, selling this book on ebay is a way for a donor who has already maxed out his personal contribution to get money into the hands of the campaign. Further, this book is a rare first edition. The word "Siege" is misspelled on the cover, spine and title page. As a result, most copies of this book were destroyed by the printer. Considering the circumstances, it should be worth well in excess of $100 on its own merit (bids are already up to $100).

What I am creating is a win-win free market solution to a problem. The problem: In addition to running this website, I want to contribute more hard cash to the campaign. Unfortunately, I'm a little strapped. Others out there have plenty of cash and have already contributed the maximum amount. Or perhaps there are some rare book collectors or speculators out there who would like to own the book. I don't need it because Dr. Paul sent me an autographed copy of a brand new book. Therefore I came up with this solution.

I'm not sure I understand your question about the "risk". Can you clarify? What is the risk that you see?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Donations v. Sales

Hello Michael,

You asked: "I'm not sure I understand your question about the "risk". Can you clarify? What is the risk that you see?"

My question pertains to the $2,300 donation limitations. If the purchase of a signed poster would be considered a sale and not a donation, then the above limitation wouldn't apply but if there is some rule that would count these sales as donations then someone who already donated their allowed amount wouldn’t be able to make the purchase without going over the limit.

I'm not aware of such a rule but I don't know for sure.
That's all that I was questioning.

Update: Sorry Michael, I thought you were asking me about the risk but as I read down further, now I see you were asking someone else.
In the words of Gilda Radner; Never Mind!

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Great Idea!

Great Idea! Everyone should be creative like this. Every little bit helps the campaign. I heard of one lady that has weekly bake sales to raise money for Dr. Paul.

Here's one idea going around. Can't afford it myself. (I donate $25 a week out of my paycheck) but pass it around 20 people have already signed up.
Lets help Ron raise $10,000,000 through this pledge.

We need about 200 people per state!


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Well, since it's on ebay i

Well, since it's on ebay i ssuppose you're deriving the money from a single person? why would a person risk $100+ for a book when he could just as easily donate the money in his own name, knowing fully well where it is going?

Michael, are you an angel?!

xenlord: some people have maxed-out their $2,300.00 campaign donation limit; Michael hasn't, so this GENEROUS idea provides a very workable solution for both parties. Do you realize who is offering this book? There is no doubt the $ will go to Ron Paul's campaign!