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Is Ron Paul going to rule the next four years?

Today we have a figurehead president led by owners of the Federal Reserve System. Unfortunately the owners financed a century of war against humanity.
Is this truth the achilles heel of the New World Order?
If this truth spread amongst all americans and the horrors of the Central Bankers understood in every school then wouldn't their system be defeated?
So, if we have a figurehead directed by people who view our lives as expendable shouldn't we have a real representative that might not hold any official title as "President", but directs the political action in the country?
Shouldn't that man be Ron Paul?

I always hated elections, and the majority of registered voters agree with me.

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Plan B

Ron Paul for speaker of the house. Third in line for president after McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden are lynched by the people. Until then he would have influence over what is spent by the government as congress is ultimately responsible for spending.

If I'm understanding you correctly,

it would seem to me that treading on that ground would become dangerously close to appointing an Imperator regardless of how benign the intent may be. It would just continue the vicious cycle we are fighting to break.

Ron Paul is my president.

You just never know how things are gonna play out. :-)

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