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Bush Has His Coke Jaw Grind Back In News Conference On CNBC

peachy...Oh and they cut him off.

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We call it the " iguana look"

Licking his lips,and his eyes going in different directions. He looked hung over at the 9/11 pentagon ceremony.

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

What is a "coke jaw grind"?

What is a "coke jaw grind"?


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If you've ever seen anyone high on cocaine, they have a hard time controlling their facial expressions and their jaw grinds from side to side uncontrollably. Bush does this a lot. Funny!

Good observation !

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right

I hear

the crank in Texas is "presidential"....LOL


please :)


Need a link....

yes what a fool

he calls it "adjustments" ?

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