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It's the economy, stupid!

All this is actually playing right into our court, with our calls for monetary system reform and debt reduction and fiscal sanity.

I think that this is the subject that will get the most attention brought to our candidates in this election, if we showcase our reform ideas out front.

They will be ready and willing to look closer at our ideas now, which some called "crazy" only a few short months ago.

This is our chance.
Let's accent this in our campaigns.

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sadly, i'm not as encouraged as you are

bottom line, people have blinders on. they don't want monetary system reform -- they want govt regulation & intervention.

we live among too, too many people in this country who rely on the federal govt to bail them out, give them handouts, & hold their hands whenever times are troubled. & sadly, our govt officials have created a system of never ending dependence on them. so in a way, you almost can't blame people for relying on the govt during times like these, b/c a lot of people have no other choice.

so while i had the same initial hope as you did -- that finally, now people might look to ron paul & regret that they called him a kook. we'll still have more than our fair share of americans hoping the fed steps in to save us.

i'm actually quite scared, so i hope i'm wrong. but i think people are still divided into 2 camps: 1 half wants obama rhetoric spewing more regulation & claiming the problem stems from too little govt regulation in the 1st place; & the other half is either so untouchable financially or happily clueless that they love hearing mccain say this very morning that "the fundamentals of our economy are still strong"

Letter to the Editor

In November of '07 a letter I had written to the Editor, was published in print and online. It was of course pro Ron Paul. My main point was "The economy will bring us to our knees." I also stated that banks would be failing by August '08. Got alot of flack in responses, mostly online and from my co-workers. The usual, nuts, kook, doesn't have a chance to win, etc. Oh, well... I guess I've been vindicated but don't feel real good about it..

sometimes people need to see their own folly b/4 they wake up

you may want to remind all of those people of your letter & just who the kooks really are.

I seriously doubt it. If the

I seriously doubt it. If the voters haven't done their research yet they will never do it. The economy can utterly crash after the election and they will only blame bush. Look around You to many people are running around voting for people on how these people make them feel. These idiots are the same ones that continue to vote along party lines every election. Nothing is going to change at all and people will not change their minds at all because its sad to say the majority of americans do not care about educating themselves.

or not

they will blame america's "free market". they will cal for more bailouts and much more regulation. and then problably confiscate gold/silver.

Conspiracy theory addicts destroy our movement from within.
Let Reason triumph over unreason.