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Ask The View - To have the independant parties on

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I have watched the view for many years and it is indeed one of my favorites - for that I say thank you! I am pleading with you; during this election cycle to provide coverage for the independant parties. The question of voting for "the lesser of two evils" seems to indicate that there are only two options and this is just no so. Some polls indicate that 60% of the population are not fully behind either candidate and that they will "hold their nose" to vote within party lines. Yet neither Obama/McCain are talking about the core issues that many of us are concerned with. Please give equal time to Nadar, McKinney, Baldwin and Barr. Please open our table topics to 4 major points that we (meaning those of us unhappy with our choices) are concerned about : the Federal Reserve (a private bank), or the Patriot Act (stripping our personal liberties and privacy), The Foreign Policy and National Debt.

Also consider having Dr. Paul back on, as he is no longer a candidate he has nothing to gain, but he has predicted for years this economic forecast and has much to say about where we are and where we are heading as a Nation.

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