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Real ID offensive plan for those in PA

To All Plaintiffs,

This is a specific email to get names of any of you who are driving on an expired license. I know you have been waiting to hear from me.
First of all, as you know, anyone who has a license at all, has already had their photo converted with FaceExplorer. So, whether or not you go in to get a new photo or not, it will not save you from having your biometrics taken because PennDot already has your data.
BUT, there are those of you interested in going in together to PennDot, so I wanted to share with you the details.
This is the plan. We are looking to raise some awareness at PennDot. Those needing to renew their license would all go in together, preferably to the Harrisburg PennDot. You would have representation by a lawyer present. All of you would get your photos taken by either shutting one eye, turning your head, or for that matter, getting your pic taken with your hair partially in your face over an eye. Even saying you need to where an eye patch would be an idea. You get the picture. (No pun intended)
If you are told you cannot have your pic taken this way; that is where our lawyer would come in. According to Rep. Sam Rohrer, there are no specific rules on PennDot being able to demand that you take a photo in a particular manner. Those that get away with it set precedence for everyone else. We will have video of this project taking place also. I believe we will be getting Sam Ettaro from republicmedia.tv, as he also needs to renew his license.
I need only those interested in doing this to email me back. There are too many of you to get "no's" from, so those interested and either on an expired license or within the dates where they need to renew, please reply to this email.
There are many of you that have expressed some extreme anger toward PennDot's actions and others who want to be a plaintiff, but are not necessarily activists that want to get into the limelight. I understand this. So those that are taking a stand by being part of the lawsuit, but are not interested in being too "out front" is fine. I respect that.
This plaintiff list that I hold is not to be used to convert into activists. It is strictly for the lawsuit. But I have had so many requests and questions about what to do concerning getting new photos taken, that through a conversation with Rohrer, this is what he would like to see. This will help the lawsuit, because of the publicity.
Any comments, and suggestions or questions are welcome. I will be sending another email after speaking with our video man and the lawyer that I will be speaking with tomorrow. (No lawyer will be named at this time, as I am still concerned about letting that out until we are retained on paper and the complaint for the actual lawsuit is filed with the courts. This is for our protection.)
I need your replies ASAP, and I will have to coordinate a date for the project. For those of you who live too far away and cannot make it to Harrisburg, you can still go in to your local area PennDot and make a stink as many have done. It would be nice to have that on video as well. But at least let them know you are displeased with the FaceExplorer. (Remember, that most workers, though, don't know anything about it.)
Thanks to all of you. Keep spreading the word.


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Here's a liberty bump for ya

Here's a liberty bump for ya from a friend in NJ!


pa license ha

Man you are going to have fun. PA is unforgiving .GOOD luck