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*How Can You Help Elect True Patriot For President*

Dear Friend:
The two major political parties have nominated corporate Presidential candidates.
Where does that leave us in this momentous election year?
Corporate control as usual.
We have two choices – throw in the towel.
Or fight back.
If we choose to fight back, here’s a good option:
Join with a person whose life is one of dedicated service to
the public interest.
To help him organize a political campaign in every state against corporate control over our lives.
Luckily, that person – Ralph Nader – is running such a campaign.
But he will need active and informed citizens in every Congressional district in the country
He needs volunteers.
He needs funds.
He needs dedication.
That’s why I’ve signed on at Nader’s campaign web site at www.votenader.org.
Check it out.
And spread the word.
In 2008, it’s either sit back and watch the drift.
Or get off the couch and fight back.
Hope you will join me.
Thank you.