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Bush: "Economy is Strong"

As financial woes continue to plague what some are calling "The largest financial crisis since the Great Depression", Bush decides to comment on the economy. His take? It's all rosy & peachy! Praises to the Fed & Treasury.


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Just 2 weeks ago..............

the economy was strong!?!?

I think george has some bad

I think george has some bad stuff he's smoking made on that ranch he owns in peru or where ever it is! anybody see harold kumar go to guantanimo??? lol

I had to force myself to listen on the radio

to him and predictably he pretty much repeated exactly what I knew he would say. I noticed two things though. First he was stuttering. The second, there was a siren going off in the background from wherever he was the whole time he was talking which I thought was appropriate to the situation. Kind of like an omen to what was to come contrary to what he was saying.

InSane echos the sentiment

"The fundamentals of our economy are strong," McCain reiterates at a Florida rally this morning, before noting that "these are very, very difficult times."

Yes, he said that this very morning, on the day when America woke up to discover the Wall Street woes that took place overnight.

Brief article and video here.

Bush knows he can say

Bush knows he can say anything, no matter how absurd, and the slobbering lackeys at FOX, MSNBC, ABC-TV, CNN and most newspapers will pass it along as 'fact' to the public.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Did he say where?

He probably finished and said to his advisor, "I wonder if they knew I meant the economy is strong in China"

Good grief... I think this

Good grief...

I think this means we are headed towards even more financial problems in the US. You know, the President only seems to tell us anymore that the economy is in good shape just prior to more economic turmoil...



Is a moron, and an evil tool.