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Nickel and Dime for Liberty!

We are all aware that economic times are hard right now. We also know that letting the same tax, spend, and regulate politicians get elected will only serve to make things worse. So what can a financially strapped citizen do to make a difference in the 2008 election cycle?
We won't ask you for $500 or $250 not a $100, and not even $50. That still sounds like a lot right now. But here in South Carolina, we have a chance to make a difference by getting an individual who is committed to individual rights and free markets elected to the U. S. Senate. His name is Bob Conley, an engineer and commercial pilot, who is making all the right moves in his bid to win in November.
Bob has plans that would take the power of educating children out of the hands of politicians and bureaucrats and put it back where it belongs, in the hands of the parents. The plan would also foster competition within the existing system which would lower cost and taxes. The plan would also wean many folks off publicly subsidized education further lowering our tax burden. 
Bob Conley also plans to comb the books for unnecessary or burdensome legislation and or regulations and bring them to the floor of the Senate for repeal, while at the same time opposing new unnecessary legislation. If you live in South Carolina you know there are not many folks like that in the legislature right now, certainly not Mr. Conley’s opponent who hasn't met a tax or regulation he doesn't like; and his opponent’s campaign war chest is loaded with special interest dollars (over $3,500,000!!).
All that we ask from you is a small investment in liberty of $5 or $10 (Twenty if you can spare it), to Bob Conley’s campaign. Bob is working tirelessly, going door to door, attending meetings, and making media appearances, he has put everything else aside to campaign full time until November 4th.
But like every viable campaign Bob needs to buy signs, print campaign literature, produce TV and Radio ads and buy airtime on TV and radio in order to broadcast our message of individual rights and economic freedom. He's raised around $15,000 thus far but he needs to raise more than that to get the message out in South Carolina’s expensive media market. 
Please we ask that you take a minute and visit Bob Conley’s website (http://www.FlatTopBob.com ) and make your contribution of $5-10; you won't believe how much it will do and how much more it will be appreciated. This message will reach thousands of freedom loving South Carolinians. If we all do our small part we could be celebrating a very significant victory in November.
Friend of Bob Conley

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