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Wilbur Ross: Possibly a Thousand Banks Will Close

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just read

that worse case, wall street could be laying off 30,000

I think this is a glossy

I think this is a glossy outlook. I am working to get set up in a remote retreat because we are going to fall and fall hard. The sheeple will not wake up until it's too late and and there is literally blood in the streets from the panic and trying to survive.

That is what it will take before the dumbasses wake up and many of them will be killed and some of us along with them because of their stupidity. We are beyond just stocking up. time to find places to ride out the storm because the wind is blowing and were starting to get rain and hail...

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I thought I heard the head

I thought I heard the head of Bank of America say on CNBC this morning, that half of the banks in this country will close. Did anyone see that?

and they will.. but because

and they will.. but because of what jz said.... one guy with a vested interest will collapse half the banks lol!

I would

love to see that on Youtube...

The words vested interest come to mind

This man is interested in buying up as many financial institutions as possible, given?

Would he not then have a vested interest in depressing stock prices to get banks below their true value?

Remember that when you read his analysis...he has a vested interest in making things seem as bad as possible?

oh geezzzz! here we go with

oh geezzzz! here we go with this conspiracy crap again! a vested interest to collapse banks! you are to funny! you really thinkhe has that much power?? its funny how you can say things like this from your side but not this..

I guess I couldn't have possibly expected you to understand...

Nevermind, if you don't want my input and it annoys you so much, i'll go back to ignoring you.

You obviously don't listen to what I say, so i'll allow you to return to your world where everything is in a constant state of collapse.

Even if 1000 banks don't collapse, even if the dollar doesn't become worthless, even if everything I say comes to be...you'll still never listen and learn.

You're so set in your ways and inflexible, not to mention downright rude and condecending, you will never be an asset to this movement. We need thinkers, we need leaders, we need great minds if we are to win. You offer none of the above.

just don't bump... what do

just don't bump... what do you think?