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Rate cut tomorrow?

I figure if the Asian markets tank tonight and the DOW takes another 400 point dive tomorrow we will see a rate cut.

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Marc Faber also mentioned they would do a rate cut. Oil is down to around 95 usd so that they will use this as an excuse to cut, apart from the stock market.

Rate cuts probably tomorrow

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."
—Edmund Burke

WSJ says this week or at least this year


I just keep wondering, where is the PPT? They are about out of time for today, and the last thing I saw was another dive. Is it here, finally? I don't mean to sound like a ghoul, but I would rather get it started so we can get it over with.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

rate cut would tank the dollar and prop up commodities

besides the US rate is already to low... so I predict no rate cuts..



I think Sunday was about projecting an "appearance" of responsibility and they won't want to contradict that with any grandstanding. I think they know its just a matter of holding on and hoping there are enough lifeboats at this point.