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The State is Demanding my Blood because I'm pregnant!

The State of North Carolina has a rule in their administrative code stating that.....

10A NCAC 41A .0204 e All pregnant women shall be tested for syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea at the first prenatal visit. All pregnant women shall be tested for syphilis between 28 and 30 weeks of gestation and at delivery. Hospitals shall determine the syphilis serologic status of the mother prior to discharge of the newborn so that if necessary the newborn can be evaluated and treated as provided in (c)(2) of this rule. Pregnant women 25 years of age and younger shall be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea in the third trimester or at delivery if the woman was not tested in the third trimester. http://reports.oah.state.nc.us/ncac/title%2010a%20-%20health...

I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and I am not happy. So far I have refused all of these tests, but I've spoken with the hospital and it is sounding like if I go to deliver they will do the tests against my consent, (and in violation of my religion). If I manage to refuse them (which I don't think I can manage) they'll grab the needles and take aim at my newborn's veins and/or threaten to contact DSS.

Since this isn't something I want to leave up to chance. I am trying to fight the law now (and not after they completely violate my body or my babies body). To the best of my understanding since this is addressing a rule in the NC administrative code it falls under administrative/constitutional law for the state and must be heard in NC Superior Court. I am currently trying to verify this and start the ball rolling. I am hoping I can get a quick court date due to the fact that the baby just won't wait.

Something interesting to note is that the laws that are part of the general statues, (you know the ones actually made by elected officials) all have clauses for exemption. The neonatal screening for PKU is required unless refused by parents. Vaccines are required unless the parents have a religious objection. The rule made by the Public Health Commission regarding STD testing in prudish monogamous pregnant women has no such exception clause. It is absolute.

Anyone ever tried to get a law overturned this way before? I'd love any input or advise.

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Try to talk to your kid.

Try to talk to your kid. Open communication is the foundation to a healthy parent-child relationship. If you are open and honest with your child, hopefully the child will respect your wishes and developing so you can just focus on overturning the law. No good?

Didn't they take

your blood already to confirm the pregnancy at the beginning and make sure your body was fit to deliver? (no heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure etc...)?

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My Wife and I used a Midwife-practitioner (instead of a traditional Allopathic medical doctor). We attended classes before-hand, and the midwives reviewed all of the consent forms and/or refusal of tests prior to entering the hospital. They also facilitate home births.

The classes covered every possible scenario and escalation that could occur during the childbirth process. All in all, it was an extremely rewarding experience.

Also, check your area for a "birthing center" (administered by midwives) instead of a hospital. The difference is unbelievable.

Midwives treat birth as a natural process, as opposed to a "disease" which must be cured (the allopathic approach).

Good luck,

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Just pop the kid out at

Just pop the kid out at home.

Women do it all the time.

I have no answers...

Just wanted to wish you good luck :)

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I'd love to consider a home

I'd love to consider a home birth but we are already driving 90 minutes to get to the nearest midwife. She won't travel that far for a homebirth and birthing without an experienced helper isn't really in my birth plan. We don't intend on signing birth certificates or allowing them to file for a ssn on our behalf. All that being said, it may make it possible to win a legal battle in court with them. Something I am pretty sure we could do if they started poking with the needles without consent, but it will not stop them in the first place from violating our rights. I've read horror stories of women being court ordered, restrained, and put under the knife for a C-Section against their consent simply because the state thought that it was in the best interest of the baby. Obviously the baby didn't have a SSN or a birth certificate in these cases. In most all of these cases women had their day in court and won, but at what cost. Herein lies the difficulty. I don't want to get my baby taken away or poked with needles because the hospital staff/dss isn't as knowledgeable of constitutional rights as everyone here. That's why I'm trying to change the law now and not later, and of course I'm working on the hospital administrators too.

I had my first in a birthing

I had my first in a birthing home and my 2nd in a hospital midwifery center in 1987. Even then they were horrible about my rights and I wwas much more of a sheep then. They gave my daughter a PKU test at 12 hours old when it is not an effective diagnosis till post 10 days and frankly I would not even consent to that test now. Also because I gave birth after the last pediatrician left in the evening I was not "allowed" to go home till the next morning when there was one on staff. I'm sorry you can not do a home birth.

Wow, there are tyrants running loose...

in NC.

Are you going to deliver the baby in your home because of this?

crazy isn't it! I am more

crazy isn't it!

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None of our children were born in a hospital

Hospitals are where you go when you get sick. Get a midwife and deliver at home.

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Some direction

DO NOT stand under the constitution. You are a free woman, you do not need the constitution to enforce your god given birth rights. Tell them that you are not standing as surety and that you have no intention of giving your unborn child a SS number. Without the SSN the baby is not in their jurisdiction and therefore not required to follow statutory law. Be careful, this is a can of worms. Most states may issue SSNs to unborn children without the mothers consent, goto a lawyer and get it in writing that you do not intend to give your unborn child a SSN, get the document notarized and start sending it out to whomever is bothering you. If they keep bothering then take it to court and get an order. The courts cannot order you (the individual) but can order people (persons) under their jurisdiction. Make sure you go in as an individual not as a person, If you do not understand get a law dictionary (blacks law) and look up the definition. I'd also recommend going to www.teamlaw.org as they will have a ton of better advice over me.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

All of these are reasons why you should deliver anywhere but

a hospital.

Babies have been born at home since the dawn of time.

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I had my second baby at home with no one there with a needle

My first time to ever go to a hospital was to have my first child. They were so barabric in their treatment of me and my baby that I would not go back. Mind you, I had a VERY easy first delivery, and we were well prepared for the home birth, and we were about 5 minutes from the hospital, just in case.

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Would it be easier

to have the child in a neighboring state that does not have that law? Continue on to fight that law after the birth? Just a thought.

Ya..go have it in

Ya..go have it in Mexico..probably any of the neighbors there could help...