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Are McCain and Obama both illegal, or not? Re: Constitution natural-born qualification for President

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Neither of the candidates -- McCain and Obama -- are "natural-born citizens" IMO because their parents failed [to follow] the strict procedures to verify and register the new persons upon [birth].

[On condition of proof confirmed] Both do not have respect for the Constitution in which "Article Two, Clause 5" specifically prohibits foreign-born citizens from qualifying and running for president.

["No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States."

http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/constitution.article... ]

The only way to stop both from continuing their campaigns is to file the lawsuit which may incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation and legal expense.

File the complaint, through attorney consultation, with Department of Justice and United States Supreme Court [also Republican & Democratic National Committee and Electoral College organizations]. Gather the evidence -- physical and evidence of the obstruction of justice in barring public access -- and write the lengthy complaint in scholarly style of structure that is accessible yet abiding by legal prerequisites in filing the complaint to go on public record.

Consult the local, experienced attorney on this scenario.

By preventing McCain and Obama from gaining the White House by illegal, unconstitutional means (being foreign-born, not natural-born due to the negligible and evasive habits of the parents in registration and certification), the Congress may react negatively and convene to attempt to unanimously pass the "foreign born" law that repeals part of the Constitution to allow the foreign born persons to run for President, as [California Governor] Arnold Schwarzenegger and Utah senator Orrin Hatch prominently advocate.

There should be a removal procedure adhering to the strict construction of the existing Constitutional and federal laws.

If this prevention by lawsuit is at all possible, Ron Paul [or Mitt Romney or another choice] may be able to take Republican Party ticket for president after McCain is expulsed due to disqualification and another person may take Democratic Party ticket after Obama is expulsed for the same reason.

Again, I reiterate: consult the attorney that may specialize in Constitutional law after gathering the hard evidence of fraud with intent to deceive the American public. Maybe consult the university professor for an alternative view, however he or she may be biased as the supporter of Obama or McCain.


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All over the Internet you see the below info:

Obama not born of two natural-born US citizens; has forged birth certificate from Hawaii, proven by several forensic experts; true birth certificate found in Kenya; U.S. citizenship denounced and replaced by Indonesia citizenship (Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship); lawsuit by fellow Democrat not wanting the DNP to be embarrassed by this when it surfaces through the MSM, demanding Obama to produce proof of citizenship by 30 Sept., with his discovery due the 24 of Sept.

McCain born in Panama and had two natural-born citizens; US Congress declared a "resolution" declaring he was a US citizen, but it's null and void because, for whatever reason, McCain's military parents did NOT register their son at the US Consulate in Panama before leaving, as required of ALL military-born babies, and should not have been allowed to re-enter the U.S. without that baby registration, based on all other military personnel's birth-out-of-USA requirements--no exceptions;

Questions, if any of this is true and not somebody's dis-information project:

1. Why isn't the MSM all over both of these, demanding bonafide proof of what courts call 3rd-party-evidence, from both of them, now, prior to the election, to put to rest any further Internet chatter about it, with truth, not with suppression or some lame statement about anybody can "find lots of untrue stuff on the Internet"?

2. What IF...it's true? Then what? Keep the president we've got since there'd be "no nominated candidates" for the 2008 election? How would this affect the suspended campaigns of Hillary, Romney, and Congressman Paul?

3. What IF...it's true, and it gets totally ignored before, during, and after the election? Wouldn't that cancel out the last of the US Constitution?

4. What IF...it's true? Why keep the game going? What's the real purpose of running two illegals for president? If either of them are "elected" and later "de-throned" because the "truth" finally gets "leaked" in the MSM, that makes their VP the new president, Biden or Palin, right? What's the real purpose of this diversionary tactic?

5. If it's not true, then why not end the Internet reports by producing the 3rd-party evidence? That would show integrity, character, and true concern for the voting citizens who get manipulated with fear.

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There is a lawsuit against Obama; Phil Berg, Attorney, filed

a lawsuit against Obama Aug 25 in Pennsylvania, challenging his legitimacy to be POTUS; I have heard no more about it....

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

past Pres mess up

Look at the mess we have with people ,who do qualify what's a stranger going to do ?


Consult a constitutional lawyer ? Obama is one. How is McCain not a natual born? IT is what the Intent of the law was to accomplish. A person who is not natural born & has not lived here 14 years is disqualified for good reason. Their early upbringing would not be indoctrined into their psychie , which would assure aliegence to AMERICA & the AMERICAN way of life. THATS the purpose . IT's to important a job to trust to anyone.

Right, but few seem to

Right, but few seem to uphold the constitution in many more important ways. Besides, my understanding is that Obama, at least, has lied convincingly enough and no real journalists are investigating, so what is going to happen? ZILCH! You should have seen 60 min on CBS yesterday when they were injecting ALL sorts of stuff at the beginning of the Scalia interview to make a sheeple think the Constitution was "archaic"...sheesh.