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GEAB 27 Anybody seen it yet?

The new GEAB 27 is out in French anyway. Anyone seen the English version yet?

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Link For LEAP 2020 GEAB


It is out now in English. You can see the different sections on the right side of screen but can only read the public announcement and section overviews....the President part is toward the bottom.

I'm hoping someone is a subscriber (couple hundred euro) and can enlighten us like June. This think tank has been fairly on the money throughout the crisis.

I missed it on the right

I missed it on the right side. This is a paid subscription, though.

Reveals name of next President

and out in English now...anybody seen it yet?

I went to the Leap 2020

I went to the Leap 2020 website and read what I thought was it, but didn't see any mention of the President. Can you provide a link.


Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin

It's a monthly analysis bulletin put out by a group that details and comments on world events.

what is that?

I know a lot of acronyms, but there's always another one to learn. :-)

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Hi Sam

Google LEAP 2020