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What are we doing?

It's been almost a week since DrPaul held his press conference which was historic and I can only imagine how stressful it was for him. A seated Republican Congressman to "endorse 3rd party" vs. the Republican Candidate.

There have been a few petitions that surfaced (which I have signed all that I've seen), but really I have not seen any petition produce any real results.

What are we doing? We each have to choose for ourselves which candidate to get behind ( I have chosen Chuck), but we all agree that we have to promote 3rd party as a whole to get people to think. My friend and co-worker who has had to suffer (lol) during my transformation this past year and a half has had quite an awakening and he only gets about half of what I say (God bless him) he believes in me, and when I present crazy thoughts (as he calls them) he goes out to research them for himself and will come back with some really great questions and supporting evidence.

This weekend he was talking about voting 3rd party and about the other candidates and the 4 other guys he was talking to didn't even know there were other candidates. He told me today, he wouldn't have known it either if it weren't for me and really thanked me for sharing what I have learned.

We don't have to all get behind one candidate, but we all have to get behind a movement to inform people about the 3rd parties, about them being excluded from debates and in many states access to ballots.

Each of us can endorse the candidate of our choosing while spreading the 3rd party candidate topic, but I feel like we must unite in a plan to bring about public awareness.

I will run an ad this weekend in my local paper, I will stand outside of Walmart with a sign, I will call talk-radio, I will email talk shows and commentary shows and I will canvas neighborhoods. I will write to whomever I need to (please tell me) and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

We have such little time. We have to move away from the barr bashing, the economy, the conspiracy issues, the hurricanes -- it will all be here when we get back and probably more.

Lets encourage each other, celebrate those little victories with each other and brainstorm how to do this the most effectively.

I wasn't part of the grassroots efforts, I am a fruit of that labor (thank you). Help me produce the next round of newbees!

What are we doing?

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