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Is the revolution working?

I received a political mailer today that apepared to be a Ron Paul piece so I opened it up. To my surprise, It was from Sen John Sununu, Rep. Senator for NH, my home state. Sununu is in a tight battle to keep his senate position. Leading the polite request for my vote and for the volunteering of time and for money, was a direct quote from the good Doctor in support of the senator! Further on Sununu advocating reigning in the Fed, lowering the tax burden, internet freedom, patriot act, and more.

It was a very direct apepal to the supporters of the Revolution!

As Dr. Paul has said, politicians are always putting their fingers to the wind. And when they feel the revolution blow by they will put up their sails. It wouldn't surprise me if RP supporters actually decided this particular election.

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I received it yesterday. I agree, it definitely came from a list of RP donors. Too bad it wasn't sent out to voters in general.

NH leads the way

while other states fall to statism/collectivism, NH is going fast and steady towards liberty.
if you're not in NH consider moving, visit the link below.


Conspiracy theory addicts destroy our movement from within.
Let Reason triumph over unreason.