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online inaugural Liberty Straw Poll on the 17th

Join us at RonPaulForums.com on the evening of the 17th as we celebrate the Constitution and vote to support liberty congressional candidates who are taking part in the inaugural Liberty Straw Poll. This is a big fund raising moneybomb to get Dr. Paul some help in Congress. Freedom needs it and making a difference is fun, easy and informative.

The Liberty Straw Poll will be an online video broadcast with seven congressional candidates, hosted by Kurt Wallace, Jack Hunter (aka "The Southern Avenger") and Rally for the Republic speaker Thomas E. Woods Jr.

It will be an evening to remember.

Please visit www.LibertyStrawPoll.com for details and to get a ticket to vote by making a $10 donation for the candidates. The forum is assured to be abuzz in activity and discussion on this historic day. We hope you will join us.

Mark your calendar and spread the message!

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Great idea.