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There is no way to know if 3rd party candidates change anything!

The MSM wants us to believe that 3rd party candidates change the outcomes of elections. This is simply unsubstantiated. If there were no 3rd party candidates, for all we know the people that voted for them either would not have voted at all or would have wrote in someone else's name.

Interesting though how the MSM uses the argument that they steal votes to suggest that 3rd party candidates should not run.

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I think what msm ment to say is that 3rd party vote, messes up there DIEBOLD count??

How do they steal votes? O'Cain or McBama do not own my vote

So how can someone else steal it?

The faulty assumption is that I am "preordained" to cast my vote a certain way. But that is false. That is a false premise, so everything based on it is worthless navel-gazing. These clowns can't realize that the world does NOT revolve around them. The fact that most people don't vote is proof that most people don't honestly give a rip who runs the country, and why should they (they reason), when nothing ever changes?

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heres one


Yeah, ironically

They steal the popular vote that does not matter...

To be honest I think the last chance to change America was back with Ross Perot. We are too far gone as a society to stop ourselves from going over the cliff now, but maybe we will have some patriots who will put up a fight before we hit the ground.


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