1-877-RON-PAUL (To Donate, Volunteer, or Get More Info, Please Call...)

I've spoken directly with Ron Paul PCC about the info I'm posting to make sure that it lines up with what the campaign is doing and they've given me the go-ahead to post this.

There is a new vanity toll-free number that rings directly into Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign Headquarters - 1-877-RON-PAUL. It is yet one more tool that we, the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul, can utilize in getting Ron Paul into the White House.

Use this number, in addition to the official campaign website, to make Ron Paul more accessible to all people. For example, many older people simply will NEVER log on to the internet to find out more about Ron Paul. But they can, and do use a phone (ask the pollsters about that)!

So, here are some suggested guidelines when promoting this number on your websites, printed material, or in your non-official radio, YOUTUBE, television, or cable ads.

When you promote this online or in print, always include the numerical equivalent of RON-PAUL (as many people don't like 'vanity' numbers). See example:

"To donate, volunteer, or get additional information on Ron Paul go to www.RonPaul2008.com or call 1-877-RON-PAUL (that's 1-877-766-7285)".

When doing a radio/TV/billboard/sign on a car ad, then it's not so important to include the numerical equivalent, although time permitting, it's great to do so:

"To donate, volunteer, or get more information on Ron Paul go to www.RonPaul2008.com or call 1-877-RON-PAUL, that's 1-877-766-7285".

Please add this info to be included with the official website address on your websites, printed material, and to future multi-media ads. We simply need every tool, and to remove every roadblock to get people to Ron Paul's message. Spread the word. And don't forget...www.TeaParty07.com!

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For those with slow or no internet connections.

Help recruit those without internet savvy or interest via the most familiar of telecommunication devices...the phone. I bumped this thread after listening to the radio ad #4...no mention of the toll-free number. An oversight that is easily corrected in radio, but not so in video.

Just a reminder to use _all_ the tools in our toolbox.

Tea Pary 07

We started a group and are promoting Teaparty07.com on Facebook. It's a great way for people to interact and submit ideas. I posted the phone number on the facebook page to let people know. If you are interested in joining the facebook group go to: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6040948423 or search for Tea Party 07 under the groups section. Word is that Facebook has disabled searches for Ron Paul, this may turn out to be a glitch though other searches are working fine.

Ron Paul should be on board with this


The FISA fix & Bush's Warrantless Wiretapping program that it attempts to fix is far worse than anyone imagined!

Judy Riuliani

If anyone would like to help me get the message out on the media's lying pet, Rudy Giuliani, let me know. We need to spread the news about this crook.

"When fascist neo-cons go to sleep at night, they check under the bed for President Ron Paul."

When fascist neo-cons go to sleep at night, they check under the bed for President Ron Paul.

Promote Ron Paul

Many actions you can take to promote Ron Paul are organized on this website:


CNN Math

I was just checking out a CNN video concerning Ron Paul's money bomb and I thought it was funny how Carol Costello broke down the dollar amounts on a 24 hour, per hour, per second rate. She mistakenly claimed that the money came in at a rate of $3,042 per second. Maybe she was the one who did the math tallying up the Hillary and Romney totals.


A little off topic..

but has anyone heard about a "Ron Paul" ringtone? I thought I heard someone mention it.