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Ron Paul Campaign’s Effect on the Libertarian Party

Many in the Libertarian Party have attacked the Ron Paul campaign for the "negative impact" on the Libertarian Party.

But the Washington Times reports that the national Libertarian Party has had an 18 percent membership surge since January, according to executive director Shane Cory. Neither Cory nor the Washington Times offers to suggest this may be due to the impact of the Paul campaign, but no other real reason is given.

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My $600 says Ron Paul helps the Libertarian Party-and vice-versa

I hold official positions at the local, state, and national levels of the Libertarian Party. Most Libertarian Party members I know in Texas hope Ron Paul wins the Republican primary--and of course if that were to happen, they'd be overjoyed to see him win the presidency. There is a small minority of anti-Paul Libertarian Party members. I'd urge Paul supporters not to focus on them, but realize how many Libertarian Party members are donating to Paul's campaign.

I've posted additional information about this situation here:


Keep up the great work for liberty everyone!

Libertarian Support for Dr. Paul

I'm a Libertarian who is actively working with the Ron Paul campaign.

I support Dr. Paul, but that does NOT mean I'm going back to being a Republican (I gave up on them even before the neocons and fundies took over the party).

In many states, including Texas, you can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries without registering as a Republican- and its a good thing, too, because to many people, even those who love Ron Paul, registering as a Republican is about as appealing as having root canal surgery.

I'll support Dr. Paul, but I'll stay with the Libertarian Party.

BTW, here in San Antonio, we have Democrats working with the Ron Paul campaign, as well as Libertarians and Republicans!


RP Needs Libertarians in Congress

I'm a longtime Libertarian and I'm switching to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. I monitor the LP Forum and those actively commenting say they will vote for Ron, too.

Ron Paul is simply the best shot we have for saving this country before it's run off a cliff of debt. It doesn't matter what party he's affiliated with. I voted for him when he ran in '88. Dr. Paul's run as a Republican has given his views so much more legitimacy and a bigger audience than the LP could.

What we need, though, is to elect as many Libertarians as possible to seats in Congress, to help RP make the sensible changes he proposes. He needs allies in the House and Senate and the LP candidates understand the recipe for returning this country to greatness.

Ron Paul 2008: The most important vote of your life

Restore the Republic 2012!

sean haugh cares more about his salary than our liberty

Sean Haugh is a traitor in our midst.

Sean Haugh is a paid staffer for the LP. He and others like him are worried that funds going to Ron Paul will upset his career.

Even Libertarians can become corrupted when money is on the table. Ron Paul CAN win! My meetup group here in North Jersey is on FIRE!


You make me laugh. You obviously did not read my follow up article http://www.libertyforall.net/?p=755.

I get paid $1200 a month. Do you think that's a living wage or an addicting amount of money? I could make more money doing almost anything else part time. One truth is the opposite of what you suggest, I make a great sacrifice for the honor and joy of doing what I love for a living. Another truth you should consider is that calling the people who are closest to you "traitor" is the most efficient way to alienate people who would otherwise be on your side. Ron Paul is doing God's work. It's very sad that the Ron Paul Nut Cult is becoming a liability to his campaign.

I think Libertarians who've

I think Libertarians who've actually found a way to make ANY money off "being a Libertarian" are actually incredibly-addicted to that stream of money -- understandably. "Being a libertarian" is one of the only things I'm good-at, too. This guy is typical. And not to get into his looks, but he looks exactly like every Libertarian looked to me in 1988. This time, we have various hot chicks on YouTube who are on our side and saying nice things, and they matter WAY more than anything this dude says to me.

Libertarian Party Needs to Give It Up

The first presidential vote I ever cast was for Ed Clark, the LP candidate back in 1980. His campaign book, "A New Beginning," was a monumental book for me. His chapters on Education, Social Security, and the Military-Industrial Complex were superb.

But since then, the LP has only provided Ron Paul as a decent candidate in 1988. After 1988, it has all been down hill.

Clark still has more votes than any other candidate (986,000). With the good showing in 1980, even some MSM pundits thought the party had a chance at the White House in 2000. Heh!

The LP should have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Even with a full blown economic or foreign policy crisis in this country (which we may have shortly), people still would not support the party. With a number of strange anarchists and atheists in the LP, broad support from the public simply isn't possible. And as someone mentioned above, the short-sightedness, petty fighting, and purity tests within the party ensure that it will always be a non-factor.

LP members, face it - the party is over, and has been for a long time. Why do you have to keep being reminded?

R Harris

Shades of Stephanopolous

I don't know who Sean Haugh is, but if we ever meet I am not going to offer him a cupcake. When he said Ron Paul doesn't have a chance of winning, I thought (to quote RR): "Here we go again." Does this guy also work for ABC?

Petty, snide and vindictive, that's Sean Haugh. The Libertarians ought to be thrilled Dr. Paul is doing so well---far, far, far better then Ed Browne ever did---but no. Sean is busy picking nits.

Sean, Dr. Paul is the best candidate the U.S. has had in a long time. Wise up, please and help us win this thing.

Rule's Of The Game

The key to winning any game is; playing by the rules, and knowing how the game is played. Third parties already know that their odds of winning are very slim, and they end up sometimes just being the spoiler. The Libertarian Party can actually win this time, because they have someone on the inside, who is very close to their views. The LP should back Ron Paul 100%, and show the bums in Washington they mean business.

Principle, not Power

The LP should support Ron Paul 100%. In him is found the best principles of the Libertarian party. This election is about principle and those who support principle should be on the side of Dr. Paul. Those who want power - well, let 'em bicker and fight and moan forever.

I voted libertarian in 88

I voted libertarian in 88 (PAUL/WILIIAMS), and 92 (Mareau,Lords...I think),I became disgusted with the libs when my local party was pushing for elected school boards.MY thought was less politics smaller government...the PARTY position was "We need to start small"...I know perfectly capable people that aren`t in it for the glory or $...but refuse to CAMPAIGN for a local POSITION that they were doing for the good of the community,not as a stepping stone.

walter whitt


I can tell you the LP and LPNH shoot themselves in the foot -- often.
People are tired of dealing with them and their short-sightedness, lack of cohesion, infighting over petty things, and tests of purity.

For exampe, if the LPNH must be so petty that they cannot endorse Ron Paul, and would even castigate hard working people for doing things like merely posting a Paul event on their mailing list (which was not an endorsement but merely an announcement) then they are not being sensible.

I mean come on -- supporting George Phillies instead of Ron Paul? You have to be kidding. We all know how hard it is to put an L on the ballot, so Ron is serving and running as an R. He has taken lemons and made lemonade.

Ron Paul is a gift from God, who happens to be an R, but who is a libertarian and who happens to be in the right place. It's not his responsibility to bring people to the LP.

If the LP throws this opportunity away, all because of a LETTER, they are not worth it. After all, isn't that just what they see as wrong -- that we must have letter designations of two parties or even three? But now they can't seem to see past that themselves.

If Michael Badnarik could stand up at the NH Liberty Forum in Feb and support Ron Paul then so can all of the LP. He even then attended the first fundraiser that followed.

Smart man. The letter R did not seem to bother him much.
If you are going to put a letter over an opportunity you are not very smart.
If you want to be the party of principle, then SHOW SOME!

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Well said!

You've said it perfectly. Hard to argue with that.

Allegiance to party or to views?

I think we need to keep in mind that this is one person's blog. I would bet "every nickel in my pocket" that most Libertarians realize Ron Paul is their best shot at getting a President that closely fits their political values. I think most conservative offshoot parties formed due to the lack of success of getting anything moving in the Republican party. Well, here is a chance to work within the system. Is a Libertarian only a libertarian if he votes for someone with "Libertarian" under his name in a ballot, or is a Libertarian a libertarian because of his political values? To throw your support to Ron Paul is no more ridiculous than a Democrat supporting Ron Paul, and we are seeing that happen.

Any Libertarian that doesn't vote for Ron Paul in the primaries (assuming they can in their state) is doing the Libertarians a disservice. If you think Ron Paul doesn't has a chance to get on the ballot as a Republican, what do you think the chances are for a Libertarian on the ballot to win? The Republican views have room to fit the Libertarian views, and some might argue the core Republican belief is libertarian. No, the best chance for a libertarian President is for Ron Paul to get on the ballot.

I would suggest Libertarians throw there full backing to Ron Paul and for the Libertarian party itself to concentrate on local elections.

Hear hear! Libertarians

Hear hear! Libertarians don't have the luxury of determining under what label change comes. They can only assist change when it comes, even if it wears a different colored tie than they would like. Ron Paul is a libertarian, he's run as a libertarian in the past, but he knows what it takes to win and he's prepared to do what it takes.

If party libertarians are too stubborn to listen to him because he's not running on their character-assassinating label, then they're as dumb as the mainstream media makes them out to be.

Independence is the only bond...

"...independence is the only bond that tie and keep us together... let each of us hold out to his neighbor the hearty hand of friendship, and unite in drawing a line, which... shall bury in forgetfulness every former dissension. Let the names of Whig and Tory be extinct; and let none other be heard among us, than those of a good citizen, an open and resolute friend, and a virtuous supporter of the RIGHTS of MANKIND, and of the FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES OF AMERICA."
- Thomas Payne, 1776

Tom Paine had the right attitude!

We need to be forming a winning coalition of all Americans who love freedom, peace, and prosperity, not bashing the Libertarians and others who might potentially join us.

Ron Paul 2008: The most important vote of your life

Restore the Republic 2012!

Plan B

Understand that the National media will let loose all the torments of hell to stop Ron Paul once they think he really is a viable candidate and that the ignorant masses might just fail to nominate him for the Republican party. I think the Constituition Party or Libertarians need to prepare to nominate him as their candidate and need to do the ground work for ballot access. There is nothing wrong with having a Plan B.

Third Pasrties are "gateways"

Third Parties serve the major parties for the "miscontents". When major media called the Green Party nominee Ralph Nader a "Spoiler" for Gore, it showed the truth about third parties, and why they run candidates who won't ever make 5% to collect federal matching funds. They are designed to lose FOR the major party. When Nader ran in 04 as an Independent, the Democrat Party blocked his ballot access in 17 states with 21 law suits, and the GOP said nothing, except Ron Paul, who claimed Nader has the RIGHT to run and Democrats were being undemocratic. I don't expect any party whores to ever come round to Ron Paul. But I do expect Ron Paul to win, if Bush doesn't declare himself "king" first.

Typical Libertarian Party Member

This is exactly why I have little interest in being a part of the LP, and have stayed a registered Republican, despite my libertarian-leaning politics. Their attitude is generally defeatist, and when you argue with them, their cynicism comes out and they bash it over your head with an academic mallet to make themselves feel better and superior.

Well, let them complain. There's no room for defeatists on the Ron Paul campaign--because we're going to win this thing.

No, Sean Haugh's views are not "typical" of LP members

Libertarian Party members should embrace Ron Paul's Presidential campaign, and most are. I say that from first-hand experience. I am currently on the Executive Committee of the LP of Alabama, am a former state party chair, and have a long history with the LP, including campaigning for Ron Paul in 1988. I am very supportive of Dr. Paul's current campaign, as are most of the most active LP members in my state.

The Ron Paul campaign is a huge windfall for the LP, a former LP presidential candidate lighting a fire among thousands of newfound libertarians and once active but recently discouraged, inactive Libertarian Party members. I think the mistake being made by a few LP members is in not realizing how well Ron Paul is doing and underestimating his chance of making history in the coming months. They just haven't yet caught on to what is happening.

We do need to beat down defeatist talk from any quarter. If someone starts to say something about this being a chance to "send a message" immediately give them a major rebuttal. Don't alienate them, but unleash a major stream of facts, logic, and emotion -- no uncertain terms about the result you expect to see and to bring about.

loyalty to "Party" or good governance of the nation

The core issue is that the third parties are being dragged into a voting system that makes the "party" more important than governance. I'd like to share my resignation letter:

I have been thinking about my divided loyalties to both the libertarian principles of the Libertarian party and to Ron Paul's campaign, where so many people are rediscovering the Constitution. I believe a citizen's highest duty is to support good governance of the nation, state, and municipality. And I believe the de facto two party system builds its power to crush liberty by the very election laws that tempt people to be loyal to a group in the two party system and let the principles of freedom wither.

As my leader in spreading libertarian principles, I wanted to let you know that my conscience requires me to support Ron Paul's campaign at this time. And the bylaws require me to suspend my participation in formal "business" matters at this time.

I get the same flack from my NWO Libertarian guy

I just got through with an email to the leader of our local libertarian party. He pretty much expresses the same sentiment. He feels we are wasting our resources and that we should take a longer term view of how to build the party.

I feel just the opposite. When/if they tank Ron Paul's campaign(you know it's coming .. Don't you?), there will be literally 100's of thousands of pissed off Paul fans and they'll be looking for a home.

So the Libertarian party better get its head out of it's ass and at least tacidly support Ron Paul or those disenfranchized souls will start heading to the consitition party.

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Nothing is inevitable!

As the first anonymous blogger, Thomas Payne, wrote:

“Should we neglect the present favorable and inviting period… we must charge the consequence to ourselves…”

“...many submit from fear, others from superstition, and the more powerful part shares with the king the plunder of the rest.”