Dow Drops 360; Things Become More Serious

By Michael Nystrom | November 7, 2007
Originally published at Bull! Not bull

[Editor's note - the title of this piece comes from Chapter VII of John Kenneth Galbraith's excellent account of the 1929 Crash titled The Great Crash, a book well worth reviewing at this critical market juncture.]

Judging from recent market action - oil approaching $100, gold nearing its all time high of $850, and the dollar setting new all-time lows daily - things indeed appear to be getting more serious. I'll start with the Dow simply because it is the headline number, the one that everyone hears about. Even those who know little to nothing about the market in general are familiar with it from news summaries and headlines. But headlines don't tell the whole story:

With today's 360 point drop, the Dow has broken down through shelf and trendline support in the 13,450 area. The last time the Dow's trendline was threatened, the Fed came to the rescue by cutting interest rates. Those cuts put some temporary juice back into the Dow's uptrend, but had the opposite effect on the dollar, which is collapsing rapidly. The US Dollar index broke through its multi-decade shelf support of 80 and hasn't looked back. How low it will go - especially with talk of China diversifying out of dollars - is anyone's guess.

While the Dow may still be up 6% on the year, the unit that it is measured in is down 13% for the year. So much for those gains - they've evaporated into currency losses. At the same time, notice the Fed's rate cut hasn't helped the big banks, which form the backbone of the global financial system. The banking index is plumbing new depths:

Ever since 1987, the Fed has used the same play from the same playbook: When markets get into trouble, slash interest rates aggressively. The result - until now - has always been the same: Markets have risen in unison, giving the appearance that prosperity prevailed and that all was well. But again, appearances can be deceiving, as the following chart shows. Prosperity appeared to reign from 2000 - 2005, based on the growth of housing.

(Chart courtesy EWI Inc, More housing charts in the 10/2007 Elliott Wave Theorist, click here.)

Remember when housing was a sure thing? Time Magazine does (June 5, 2005):

The stock market may be dragging, but home prices are soaring, fueling a national obsession with real estate. Your house is now your piggy bank, ATM and 401(k). House gawking is a hobby; remodeling, both entertainment and an investment. Folks brag about having bought their home in the '90s the way they used to brag about having bought Microsoft in the '80s. . .

The median U.S. home price jumped in April [2005] to $206,000, up a stunning 15% over the past year and 55% over the past five years, according to the National Association of Realtors. The fact that houses are bought for pennies on the dollar magnifies the windfall. Say you put down 20% on a $150,000 house five years ago. At the average gain of 55%, that's an $82,500 gain on a $30,000 outlay, or a 275% return. . .

Those were the days, weren't they? Too bad they didn't last. Of course there were plenty of signs that it was an unsustainable bubble, as the Time article itself mentions before quickly adding, "But who wants to listen to buzz-kill talk?"

Things Become More Serious

When history is written on the waning days of the American Empire, it might very well say that the final decades witnessed a series of increasingly intense temporary booms, driven by steady increases in debt - consumer debt, corporate debt, and government debt. Eventually, the debts simply became unsustainable. The Federal Reserve's trusty old trick of lowering interest rates stopped working. Markets stopped responding. Everything went into reverse. What the Fed failed to grasp is that printed money eventually reverts to its intrinsic value of zero, and that there is a difference between a lack of liquidity and just plain old-fashioned insolvency.

Look at the Banking Index chart again. More interest rate cuts and money printing won't help these banks, and they won't help the housing sector to recover. The Fed's credibility is all but lost. The endgame is upon us.

Let me close this with the words of Galbraith, who captured something timeless. At the beginning of Chapter VII, he recounts a series of unfortunate events in the history of the NYSE - the crashes of 1873 and 1907, and the day a bomb exploded on Wall Street in 1920, killing thirty and injuring 100 more.

He continues:

A common feature of all these earlier troubles was that having happened, they were over. The worst was reasonably recognizable as such.

The singular feature of the great crash of 1929 was that the worst continued to worsen. What looked one day like the end proved on the next day to have been only the beginning. Nothing could have been more ingeniously designed to maximize the suffering, and also to insure that as few as possible escaped the common misfortune. The fortunate speculator who had funds to answer the first margin call presently got another and equally urgent one, and if he met that, there would be still another. In the end, all the money he had was extracted from him and lost. The man with the smart money, who was safely out of the market when the first crash came, naturally went back in to pick up bargains...The bargains then suffered a ruinous fall. Even the man who waited out all of October and all of November, who saw the volume of trading return to normal and saw Wall Street become as placid as a produce market, and who then bought common stocks, would see their value drop to a third or a fourth of the purchase price in the next twenty-four months. The Coolidge bull market was a remarkable phenomenon. The ruthlessness of its liquidation was, in its own way, equally remarkable...

Re-reading this passage, I wonder if a similar fate awaits us as well? We've already been reassured that the worst is behind us, but many have the feeling that it is still yet to come.

Galbraith's account of 1929 is something to keep in mind over the coming weeks and months as the temptation to "buy the dip" increases. For the last 20 years, investors have been conditioned to understand, to believe and simply to know from experience that market dips, especially when accompanied by Federal Reserve rate cuts are buying opportunities, always and without exception. But as those ubiquitous mutual fund disclaimers say, "past returns are no guarantee of future performance. . ."

Maybe I should just stop there. After all, I think you get the picture. If you want more buzz kill talk, check out the latest Elliott Wave Theorist.

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Great post - Economy and spending ARE the main campaign themes.

The economy and spending are the true main campaign themes. Listen to Paul on the war, on healthcare, on immigration, on taxes, on almost anything and the underlying theme is economics.

The other candidates cannot touch him on this.
People relate when it hits their wallets
His voting record is immaculate
MSM is already talking about this - look at the beck utube video. Dobbs...

The grassroots need to do the same and align behind this message.

Please support this message by commenting here.

thanks, Michael

Appreciate your diligence and effort in researching the current state of the economy. It is in flux, and that solder is moving quickly, I think. When it solidifies we may very well be in a new economic landscape. Depending on the timing, perhaps these scenarios will pull in voters to RP who are afraid of what is going to happen.

Call your Congressman today...

I can't think of a better day to call your congressmen and tell them end the Federal Reserve. As mentioned Dr. Paul is questioning Bernake today (CSPAN), follow it up with citizen action. Do it.

EDIT : Here's a link to the live testimony, scary to see the mentality and reliance of some of the congressman on the Fed to clean up the mess IT CREATED...

This is an intentional de-valuation of our currency.

My brother in law is several weeks away from finishing his finance degree through the University of Phoenix. Three months ago he was taking an international finance class. During a discussion of the dollars value, the professor made a very chilling comment about the current situation. Unequivocally, he said that the dollars value is being intentionally depreciated in order to align the currencies of North America for the purpose of implementing the North American Union.

These comments were made three months ago- approximately six weeks ago the USD dropped below the Canadian dollar for the first time in decades. I remember that day well as I was sitting in a rental car office in Albuquerque, waiting to pick up a car. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a Canadian fellow, we discussed the days news. He made a comment to this effect,

" they should just integrate the currencies..."

This sentiment will become more common, and ultimately the mainstream one if the feudal capitalists and socialists are successful with their strategy of incrementalism on currency and soverignty matters.

The old addage that a frog will jump out of a boiling pot of water, but will slowly cook to death in water that is gradually brought to boil, has never been more salient.

Consequently, Dr. Paul's critique of the Federal Reserve grows in legitimacy day by day. If you haven't done so, run don't walk to rent "America, from Freedom to Facsism" by Aaron Russo.

Aaron, rest in peace. Thank you for the gift of this film !

You hit the nail right on the head!

You couldn't be more right indy elephant. David Icke calls this "Problem-Reaction-Solution." First, the problem is created by the Elite themselves, in this case, intentionally devaluing the dollar. This causes a reaciton by the masses like "something must be done!". Then what the Elite do is conveniently offer a solution to fix the problem that they created in the first place. In this case, integrating the currentcies and promoting the North American Union agenda.

For those that say that the Fed is "igonrant" or "doesn't care" or "misinformed", I assure, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and are doing it on purpose. This congressional hearings are a theatre show to make it look like the Fed as to answer to some but we all know the Fed answers to NON ONE and that the governement is working for the Fed, not the other way around.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsley believe they are free."

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsley believe they are free."

Dr. Paul to question Bernanke

Could somebody post this as a thread?

I've been a lurker and just created an account but don't know how to post a new topic.

Chairman Bernanke is testifying in front of the Joint Economic Committee, and Dr. Paul will be questioning him at some point.

Watch live on CSPAN 3.

If not me, who? If not now, when?

Eye opener for me. in some regard

Got to ask yourself though? Would this benefit Ron Paul? He views and policies would seem so much less crazy and as an actual solution to save the US dollar and all the fait crap. Along with all the other candidates... being spending crazies. Romney - HELLO... he's spending all his cash cus it won't be worth anything soon.

To get conspiratorial though / ; looking at the Fed what its doing is either deliberate or sheer incompetence. I don't think they can be that dumb.. but you never know. Anyway theories have been thrown around, they're tanking the dollar / (problem). Solution - (amero) *we all know, not really, but they'll spin it* and if there is riots, they'll impose martial law...[Enter: blackwater] suspend elections?... anyway to take a step back from this; I think theres really a battle going on if you look at the big picture here; dollars going down - solution will be needed, you have Ron Paul on the side of truth, righteousness and the one with the real solution. Then you have the neocon/fed/whoeva the ---- they are/ tanking the dollar, and going to try for the amero etc, the wrong path with the wrong solutions.. There US is heading to a crossroads, which way's it going to go...

Come on Ron Paul!!! America's only hope.

Malice or incompetence

Over the decades I have learned that it is usually impossible to determine whether people do destructive things out of malice or incompetence. When more than one person is involved, it may be some of both.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Imperfect picture

That chart does not tell an accurate story, because it shows the value of stocks as expressed in US dollars, which have been a very unstable reference lately.

Go to the web site$INDU:$XEU
and try typing these in:

$INDU:$XEU - the Dow priced in Euros
$INDU:$CDW - the Dow priced in Canadian dollars
$INDU:$GOLD - the Dow priced in real money

Edit: I thought this was such a good idea that I made a video about it:

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Gold predictions?

Am curious what everyone thinks the latest gold rise will crest at before it takes an obvious breather - at least 2 weeks not 2 days like we have seen. I'm thinking this one is headed toward $880 but once the big headlines shout ALL TIME HIGH FOR GOLD, then that's another $50 bump. What's your prediction???


I predict that gold will continue to remain stable, as it has for the last two or three thousand years. What the fiat currencies like the dollar will do is anyone's guess, but I'm guessing it will get a lot cheaper to buy dollars with gold. In a year, you might be able to buy 1600 US dollars with an ounce of gold, but what do I look like, Nostradamus?

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

But Seriously Folks...

The day to day and week to week price of gold in US dollars depends in part on the Fed and the treasury. They manipulate, but they are blowing against the wind. Unless US monetary policy is changed drastically, gold and other commodities can only go up, up, up priced in dollars.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Harry-Browns Failsafe Investing

is a great read that has helped me do well in the past. I'll give you the short short version but the whole .pdf is available online.

Rule #1 you are not smarter then the market speculation can wipe out your wealth.

Rule #2 Build a bulletproof portfolio

1/4 in Stocks (S&P 500 mutual fund)
1/4 in Bonds (US Bonds with the longest maturation around 30 years, Don't use a bond fund!!! when they fall below about 20 years sell them off and replace them)
1/4 in Gold (Bullion Coins stored somewhere safe)
1/4 in Cash (Money Market invested only in short term securities)

Then just monitor it. If any go below 15% or above 35% then rebalance. When you make your contributions don't try to rebalance evertime unless it is convient for you. Just add it to your cash portion and rebalance once it goes over 35%.

Each of these investments works well in certain times. Like right now Gold is kicking butt. But when in my portfolio it gets above 35% I'm going to sell some and buy back the losers. That way when Ron wins and saves the economy the stocks can take over again.

I've got another one

I could be wrong, but I think those stocks, bonds, and cash are going to go south.

Here's where I've been for about four months.

1/3 gold (and some silver)
1/3 mining company, oil, and agriculture stocks
1/3 foreign currencies - mostly Euros, Canadian dollars, Swiss Francs, Aussie dollars

The foreign currencies will have to go sometime soon. They are just paper.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Bonds are Junk

If you invest in US bonds, you are losing money. Inflation is over 8%. If you make 4.5% with bonds, you are effectively losing 3.5% a year. If you are invested in U.S. denominated assets, you are losing money every time the dollar hits a new low. If you have to invest in bonds, look at Swiss bonds. You will protect yourself against a US dollar depreciation.

Definately keep gold and silver coins on hand. Silver will most likely outperform gold as it is a smaller market. It is also the "poor man's" gold. Read David Morgan's "Get the Skinny on Silver" for more information.


Harry was talking about long term bonds. 20-30 years. They will do well as the Fed cuts rates even further.


Those 20 and 30 year bonds will be good for wallpaper.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

There is a very strong APPEARANCE

that we are in stage one of the flight to value described by John Exter. The money collapsing is adding fuel to the loss in equities. The rapid drop in equities is squeezing the margin players and causing margin calls. This has resulted in many speculators selling their gold to cover these margin calls resulting in a short term drop in the price of gold. Meanwhile most investment money has gone to US bonds, most noticeably the ten year bond. This has driven bond prices up and reduced the yield. When the speculators are driven from gold and the margin calls are met, it is POSSIBLE we could enter the next stage which would have soaring gold and commodity prices and sharp rises in mining stocks, especially gold and silver mining stocks. Short term , silver will provide a better play than gold but only until the industrial demand for silver drops.


I don't think anyone has the correct reason for the Great Depression, except me. I know it sounds a bit kooky, but I think the reason for the Great Depression was the internal combustion engine. The multi-purpose tractor really hit the farm economy in the 20's. Farm productivity jumped 300% in grain crops. Trucks replaced horses and wagons. Transportation productivity made a huge jump. The farming sector of our economy, over 20% of our total economy, was in a depression by 1927. The smaller eastern farms, that provided a decent living for those farmers, could not compete with the midwestern farmers when tractors came in. One truck could replace 3-4 horse and wagons.

Economies can adjust to small advances in productivity, but it is very difficult to adjust to huge jumps in productivity. When the depression in the farm economy collided with a downturn in the industrial sector, we got the Great Depression.

One thing is certain. Smoot-Haley did not cause the Great Depression. Foreign trade was a very small part of our economy in 1929. In fact S-H was not even passed until about 6 months after the crash of 1929.


Doesn't sound kooky to me

interesting take on it


The great depression was an engineered event

First - the Fed expanded the money supply leading to irrational investments
Second - the major banks (they had already gotten out before hand) initiated margin calls forcing people to sell to cover their margin.
Third - the Fed contracted the money supply and kept it contracted until the dollar was devalued.
What you say about the farming industry does bear some validity, but the farmers had been in a depression economic level for several years before the crash.

hope amongst market movements

Thank you for the article Michael.

I will trot out my usual, "until the last bear's been shot we won't have a crash."

I suggest that there is far too much short interest in the market to allow for a "crash." Yes, bad news will "hint" to the shorts to refrain from covering and give a "long" pause before buying stock, but, shorts cover and hedgers hedge and bears cry out for death to all and the beat goes on. So many shares are in fund accounts the world over the individual investor having much to say about anything seems to be distant history.

My guess? Crappy market. Oil to 115 - 125 with a bounce when so many STUPID longs get into the oil market and so many STUPID shorts cover that you get an imbalance and the oil prices tank for awhile.

The Dow needs to get smacked but the covering at 11,000+ will be enough to keep it alive. We are measuring the Dow in worthless American dollars and for that reason it should take more US dollars to buy a share of GE which actually is sort of worth something....I guess.

I have a hard time with China being the reserve currency for the world as they are a nation built on slavery and this type of outfit usually fails eventually.

This leaves us with the Euro. Giselle likes the Euro and she likes Tom Brady. Brady might go 19-0 and the Euro could go to $1.70 but that chart would look a little too straight up for my tastes.

If someone who has made most of her money wearing six inch heels and a thong says "short the dollar and go long on the Euro"...I'm thinking it is about the same as Joseph P Kennedy senior getting tips from the shoe shine boy to go long RCA in July of 1929.

If everybody thinks the market is gonna crash wait a week and go long.

I always recommend betting against supermodels and shorts (and even supermodels IN shorts). Shorts always pile in at the bottom of the chart and save the day for the longs...ask Giselle...she knows everything

Ron Paul will resolve all of this by instituting a gold standard and eliminating 40% of the federal budget. Life will suck for awhile, but, Giselle will be glad she has Tom Brady's Patriots paycheck in gold and silver backed US dollars to make up for her worthless Euros and everything will be OK in lingerieland. Don't you all feel better now?

Best to all,



From Thomas Jefferson...Still holds true

A rigid economy of the public contributions and absolute interdiction(destruction) of all useless expenses will go far towards keeping the government honest and unoppressive

Thomas Jefferson, 1823


There are a number of ways to purchase gold. I buy GLD and GDX, which are Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are traded on-line like stocks. GLD and GDX are the stock tickers.


Gold bugs are highly distrustful of the ETFs, particularly GLD and SLV. They suspect that the custodian lends the physical gold out to short sellers. I read the GLD prospectus and thought it was okay, but some people pointed out some wording that differs from the standard ETF prospectus template and it is indeed a little troubling. What do I know? Not much. But the gold bugs all say, get physical.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

physical gold vs etf

they way I look at it, there are pros and cons with each:

Pros of ETF:
1) more liquid and easier to trade
2) cheaper comissions (or tighter bid ask spread)

Pros of Gold:
1) provides same upside as etf, however offers extra "apocalypse protection" that the etf simply doesn't have - if there's really the 1 in a million or billion chance where the entire monetary system collapses, etc... your gold hidden with your shotgun will still be easily reachable

2) untraceable - leave it to your kids w/o death tax; hide it from your wife so it's untouched in a divorce, etc

So it's really a judgment call... is the added commission (in terms of commission and the kinda hefty bid-ask spread) for physical gold worth the added benefits of physical ownership. My guess is that 99% of the time no. but what about that 1%?


Also, I recommend checking out Jim Puplava has a weekly internet radio talkshow called The Financial Sense Newshour. They interview experts from around the world in precious metals, the economic and energy. Explain in detail how to go about buying gold and other precious metals as well as mining companies. The show regular plugs Ron Paul and Austrian economics.

Another good source is with Franklin Sander's. This is a very reputable source for buying gold and silver coins and bullion.


What is the best way to go about buying gold? Are Goldline and Swiss Trading scams? What would be a good way to try and invest my annuity that wont allow me to invest in commodities?

My PM Portfolio

I buy and sell from a local dealer in town and also through, which ships to/from me.

I have an IRA through Sterling Trust, and all the coin is stored with Bullion Direct.

I have a Roth IRA with Ameritrade that consists of 3 ETFs: GLD, SLV and USO.

This has worked well for me so far. is a wonderful is a wonderful company. once you know what kind of premiums come with certain coins/bars, you can venture into ebay. If you are investing within an IRA, you can purchase gold, look for the link at's website. Additionally, you can invest in the Exchange Traded Funds, (ETFs) GLD and SLV. Both are tied to the price of silver and gold.
Gold is going to roar past $2000 an ounce within the next few years. The central banks have lost control of the market and are unable to supress the price. (

If your money is stuck in an IRA

you can look for some IRA's that take gold. That is OK for inflation. But if you are worried about a real collapse you need to have some real gold hidden somewhere. No safety deposit box. If the worst case happens they will come for it. Remember what happened to the Jews in Germany after WWI? They had more hard currency then most of the German population and they were scapegoated because of it.

You can buy it from any coil dealer. Right now the premium I am paying on an ounce gold eagle is $20. Not that bad. Start a plan where you buy some with each paycheck. If you can't afford an ounce at a time you can buy fractions but the premium will be a bit more.

Gold? ----->Reply

A good resource for buying gold is a guy named Nick Grovich at did not buy mine from him but when I'm looking to sell when it peaks (as best I can determine) he is the guy I am most likely to sell it to. He is a real pro and has some great marketing info.on gold to provide you.

Remember there has been a whole lot more gold sold at $800/oz than at $200/oz. Do you want to buy low and sell high? If so maybe it's time to buy the $ right now. If gold is going to the moon, like $2,000/oz. maybe it's a good buying opportunity. Is it going to? I have no clue. I don't see it heading South any time soon, however.

Gold heads south...

When Ron Paul enters the White House, so... roughly a year. Is a good time frame, when he pulls us out of iraq, and brings home the foriegn policy.

Alternatively, some crazy event happens and it goes down.. no idea what that would be? any takers? how sure is gold right now?.. i feel like I could bet my house on it. ;s

see above

see above

If I were buying

If I were buying gold I would find a company that SENDS ME THE GOLD. I would then stash it because by certain federal BS laws the US government can sieze gold (as in times of war). FDR siezed the gold and THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN IF THEY WANT TO.

I would stash it and if the feds come looking for it I would tell them to get lost .

Bushy!...youve got some splaning to do....

I should have bought gold 6 months ago but I though. Its going to correct and go down and I will lose out. well I WAS WRONG. The US dollar is officially worldwide toilet paper now >:(

The good news is this foreign policy will go broke one way or another. At least my mortgage is only 5.25% on a 15 year (I bought a little over 2 yrs ago when the buying was good on interest anyway)

"It's the economy, stupid"

Remember when Mr Hillary campaigned on this very slogan? I do. It is ironic that this selfsame choice of words will rocket RP into the Whitehouse.

Circumstance has met the man this time for sure. Most probably before the first Iowa caucus vote is cast, the Fed's tanking of the dollar will be obvious to the most casual observer.

RP is the ONLY candidate from either party who has been playing this trumpet and he has been practicing and perfecting the tune for more than 20 years.

Go Ron

The dollar is down again

The dollar is down again today. Gold is at $885. euro is $1.44

When fascist neo-cons go to sleep at night, they check under the bed for President Ron Paul.

When fascist neo-cons go to sleep at night, they check under the bed for President Ron Paul.

error in price of gold...

i am correcting your mistake - it should read $835 for price of gold.


Ron Paul is My President


$885.. i nearly fell out of my chair.
Thats soon - not yet though :|

Oh I don't know

Since the dollar printing rate has hit 15% I would suspect the indexes can continue heading upward. I mean, money printing is the only reason the stock market goes up over the long run anyway rather than just throwing off dividends. After all, take a look at the Zimbabwe index. Of course the US indexes have been falling against real money for quite some time now, and I do expect them to continue falling against real money.

The DOW has been in a Bear

The DOW has been in a Bear market relative to Gold and every other currency save the Argentinian Peso for years. Speaking of Argentina, I think the Southern Hemisphere would be a wonderful place to live in case Dr. Paul fails in receiving the nomination. Anyone care to join me?

Get a Boat!

That's what I did. I'm in the Bahamas on a ONE YEAR permit, renewable for an additional year. If I leave and clear in/out of another country, and return to the Bahamas, the clock starts all over again. Bored with the Bahamas? Sail to St. Maarten, or the Eastern Caribbean. or....

Sounds expensive

How much was the boat? What do your monthly expenses look like?

Well, I sold my house.

The common misconception is that boats are expensive. Well, actually they are; AS AN ADDITIONAL expense. Houses are expensive too. Sooo basically I swapped one expensive living space for another.

That said:

let's describe my boat like an apartment.

3 bedrooms (queen size beds)
2 (full) baths (one very large, the other not so large)
21' by 10' living room
5' by 10' kitchen (3 burner gas stove with oven, fridge, freezer)
21' by 10 foot enclosed florida room (lanai, screened porch, whatever))
21' by 12' deck
21' by 10' rooftop tanning area
120 volts throughout, also 12v as well

ok, also the additional benefits of

2 diesel engines (VERY econnomical)
Sails (Main and Jib)
8-10 knots under sail

Price: about $150,000

As you can see, that's a lot of boat. You can scale accordingly, depending on you wishes and needs

Oh, I forgot, monthlies

well for maintenance, figger 10% of price, so $15,000 in my case.

fuel costs are low, mayber 75 gallons a month. But I move around a lot and motor a lot, cause I'm impatient.

What about Costa Rica?

I was thinking Costa Rica. Warm beaches, great birding, inexpensive housing and medical care. Only Ron Paul can save me from it.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

You can't stay over 90 days

They have caught on.

They have checkpoints on the two major highways in the country, and they check your visa/passport. If you are over the 90 days, you're out.

We already have plans for

We already have plans for South America. :)

Some place where you can get something for a dollar....

I was in Buenos Aires about two years ago. I lived like a king! Estoy practicando mi espanol fo'shizzle

"Make fun buddy..." - Ron Paul