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Ron Paul on the Local News

Ron Paul just sent out a email to supporters that begins,

"A local TV station just called, wanting to follow up on the Sunday ABC interview. Their stated reason: "Your campaign is really picking up steam!"

Darn right, thanks to you and so many others. Of course, some in the media want to see this campaign lose steam. But they’re not going to get their way...."

You can continue reading the whole message here.

At the same time, I noticed two great local news stories on Ron Paul, that you can view on the internet. One is with KOTV(video link at the bottom) and another with from KHOU . Both of the stories are of the informational, "human interest" type stories that the local news likes to run, and both are without the kind of snooty attitude Dr. Paul seems to get from the national MSM.

Be sure to click on the links. Websites track visitors, and more visitors means more advertising dollars. Word gets around that a positive Ron Paul story gives a bump to traffic...

The local news angle is a great strategy. Email, write & call your local news. Tell them about Ron Paul. Make some news, and ask them to come cover it. The local news is always looking for this kind of human interest story.

Keep up the great work, everyone. Slow and steady wins the race!

Michael Nystrom

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On the KHOU site, there is a poll also....

Be sure to vote for Dr. Paul also when you go read the article and view the video: