Attention California! Silicon Valley Rally Saturday July 14

Thanks to David for the following release:

Now it's OUR turn, this coming Saturday, to show the world that Dr. Paul message of freedom and liberty enjoys large coast to coast support.

Last Sunday on ABC's "This Week", George Stepnanopolous had the audacity to tell Dr. Paul and his supporters that we are all wasting our time. Once again, it's time to prove the naysayers wrong. From San Diego to Eureka, the campaign needs you here. Let's send our message loud and clear.

Hear Ron Paul In Person
Silicon Valley Rally
Saturday, July 14th, 10:00 am SHARP
1665 Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA 94043

Charleston Park is right in the middle of the Google Campus.
Bring lawn chairs, hats, water, friends and neighbors.

Please come early! 9:00 am is not too soon.

Sign-up for lunch with Ron Paul
$100 per person fund raising benefit. Only 200 seats available. Go to the rally web site to sign-up. Payment must be mailed in advance, so please do it now.

Here's the link to all details:

Want to speak you mind on camera? Great! We want to hear from you as well. Please look for the "Speak Out America" booth, prepare your comments, and tell the world why you support Congressman Ron Paul.

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Ron paul meetup santa cruz

Hello Everyone,
just came back from the santa cruz sign making party for ron paul, and let me just say that santa cruz has got a very good group, expect to see many good things from us very soon. see you all tommorrow.
go ron

9/11 Lessons From Star Trek-

'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda
B.R.O * M.I.K.E.

Spread the word north!

maybe it will get up here to Mendoland!!! Of course I'm going to help spread that word for you....THANK YOU for letting Daily Paul know (otherwise how would I know). Very good news indeed!

Another MSM breakthrough.

Another MSM breakthrough. MSNBC has never had any of Dr. Pauls events listed on their Political Calendar, but they have the Silicon Valley event listed as of today! Rock On!

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Its gone now. I went there

Its gone now. I went there when your post was 4 minutes old and couldn't find it.
They're putting Huckabee on Hardball.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

huh? i see it. 3rd to last?

huh? i see it. 3rd to last? here's a screenshot, it's higlighted orange:



Go Get 'em, Guys!

(the title is a reference to a cartoon called "The Tick" - some will get it.) :-)


All I want to say is what I've been saying since this whole business started.

It does not matter if we believe that Ron Paul has a chance or not - what matters is whether or not we are willing to stand for truth and liberty.

In the face of very poor odds or dangerous circumstances, are we willing to stand up for principle? It appears that, generally, the answer is a resounding yes.


I love the fact that we'll be the only ones to notice it, but that was particularly-blatant, even for George. Anyway, all I can say is I can't wait 'till he comes anywhere close to central FL! This "spammer" is gonna turn-out for sure when it happens.

Hey, Spammer JMR, Ron's

Hey, Spammer JMR,

Ron's coming to Spartanburg, SC July 21! I don't know how far that is from you, but it's definitely in the Southeast. Maybe you can make it!

I'm all the way in Brevard county, FL

So that's a bit far, but if he makes it to the Space Coast area or Orlando I'm there for sure.

iowa was nothing!

this is just gonna be huge.