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your signs needed! see why!

Hi all,

For the Great Ron Paul Overnight (a week ago) I made and hung a dozen signs in my neighborhood. I felt good about them and had fun making them, but wasn't sure that anyone would notice them. Yesterday I took my kids out to a local play place and ran into some other parents that I knew from my son's school. We were chatting and one of the moms noticed my RP button (I don't leave the house without wearing one now) she asked "Who is Ron Paul? I've been seeing that name all over! There are a bunch of signs all along ________." It was a great intro to talk about RP. And if she is noticing the signs, others are too.

Look at this inspiring story from Oklahoma:

So order up some lawn signs or better yet make your own! I used some old cardboard that I found behind a bicycle shop that was being discarded and some leftover paint (no cost advretising). It was just one more thing I can do to get RP's name and ideas out there and it felt great.

So hurry up and make some signs, because mine feel lonely.


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human billboard project

You might be interested in looking up the human billboard project by antirobot. He makes homemade signs.