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are silver plate utensils worth anything?

this weekend i went to alot of garage sales and found alot of silver plated spoons and forks i bought for 10 cents each. and a few other silver plate items for about the same price. are they worth anything ? is there a way they can melt these down and extract the silver? or do they just make some kind of silver alloy out of it? or is it just junk? if not who buys this stuff? scrapyard maybe? anyone know what they are worth, if anything?

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affirmation: President Paul 2008

not only is the precious metal in the coins no longer there... but they contain enough mercury to slowly induce the negative effects that the slippery metal is capable of... I leave it at the counter for 'tips' myself...

affirmation: President Paul 2008


Look them up here.
People are always looking to fill out their sets.
Maybe get a price here and put 'em on eBay?

Use them! Silverware has some antibiotic properties that may be healthful.


Silver plate is virtually worthless, as the silver content is practically immeasurable. Sterling is good.

any scrappers out there?

ive been saving copper and aluminum for a awhile im just wondering if this silverplaate has any scrap value. anyone know what metal is underneath the silver plate?

Didja hear about the new pennies?

The first re-design of the Lincoln penny will give Abe a new look, plus four separate reverse-side designs, depicting the four states where he lived. The new coins come out early next year. No linky on this information; I heard it announced on the news while in the car.

My question was, why? When there's been so much talk in recent years about getting rid of the penny altogether, why suddenly redesign and issue new penny styles?

Then it hit me: I'll bet you anything, it's to save even more on copper. Perhaps the new issues will merely be copper-colored!

Gives the old adage, "Save your pennies!" new meaning, doesn't it?

sterling silver

there are different grades. ask a good antique shop (and do your own google on the maker and model) and buy the best.

the good ones are worth their weight.

peace ;-)

p.s. i found half a sterling silver set in the crawlspace of one of my rentals.

im not saying i could get rich off these

i'm just wondering if this has any value as scrap like aluminum or copper or even stainless for that matter.


but not as much as solid silver. Your local neumismatic shop will buy them from you

whats a neumismatic


I'd say to focus on solid

I'd say to focus on solid sterling silver regarding these types of items. Anything that says "weighted" is probably better to stay away from.


Another question...

I know to look for sterling...can anyone else verify that items marked 800 or 925 are also silver?


.800 is an older European silver mark, and indicates 80% silver content.
.925 is Sterling Silver, and indicates 92.5% silver content.

925 is sterling silver, as

925 is sterling silver, as far as I know. It represents 92.5% pure silver, which is what sterling silver is.


they gotta be worth something

at the scrapyard, hell even stainless steel is worth something.

If you had a dumptruck full...

What I have been told with goldplate or silverplate is that you would need a dump truck full to get about an ounce of silver.

So, unless there is collector value, silverplate is not worth much at all.

what metal is

underneath the silver? i found some spoons dated to 1847 and 1881 is that old enough?

The one that says 1847

I'm guessing is made by Rogers
and that is just a patent date.It was not made then but much later.I used to be an Antique dealer.

If it's very old silver plate

that is plated very thick, then there might be some value to it.

Generally most people don't give a second look at it, unless it's Sterling(.925) or other fine silver(.900).

I would focus on what people will be able to recognize and be able to place a value upon.
Sterling tea sets, utensils, etc, if you are going to try to get silver in the form of tableware.

not really...

there is no cost effective way to get at the silver in the plating.

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