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Operation Spooner

We won the New Hampshire Straw Poll? ... More money than Mccain? ... The tide is turning and you can Be A Part Of It!

This coming August, in Iowa, (the first state to hold a presidental primary next year) will be hosting the Ames Iowa Straw Poll. This event will be covered by the main stream media and papers, blogs, radio shows, etc., across the nation.

This is a national Supporter/Volunteer All Hands call to action, introducing Iowans to Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign. We must get Ron Paul's name out in Iowa.

For the first time in a lifetime there is an opportunity where an individual can make a difference. You can make a difference. Together we can make a difference!

Post this where ever you think it might attract the best audience only to begin making calls only to generate voters in Iowa for Ron Paul.

Those that have already signed up should have received a message a couple of minutes ago detailing your log-in and basic instructions.

You'll find a script and certain questions you might want to ask.

The Metric:

We need 2,500 callers calling until August 10th. If each caller "enlists" no less than 4 voters each, each committed to voting for Ron Paul in Ames, that is 10,000 votes for Ron Paul and certain victory at the Ames Iowa Straw Poll.

Over 600 media outlets attend and cover the event.

Send an email to or


your name
email address
city, state/meetup group #

Let us know if you're a MeetUp group team leader so we can organize it to correspond with your log-in. Otherwise, we will select a team lead for every part of the country/meetup group represented, respectively.

Please pay this forward. We have 33 days to win The Straw Poll for Ron Paul.

God Speed and God Bless Ron Paul.

Quick Notes:

(1) If you sound like you're in a hurry, the other person feels like they're in a hurry, and they want to get off the phone and resume what they were doing. Speak at a normal pace. Do you sound like someone handling a long list of names... trying to get through it?

(2) It helps to ask permission to begin the conversation. "My name is xxx. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? - This won't take long"

(3) Patience opens people up. They may have compaints about something you can't do anything about. But listen for a while. An opening usually appears in the conversation if someone hasn't hung up on you already.

Time to get the Ron Paul Revolution into High Gear!!!

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Name recognition

Hello Michael, thanks for posting this. Wow, what a wonderful, beautiful young person. How can we go wrong with such intelligent and animated supporters? Rachel is so in tune with the important issues of the day? Sometimes I feel that old guys like me have let this country down to a point where our children have to bail us out. Thankfully, we have Rachel and obviously many more like her.

Here’s another idea you might suggest to the campaign committee.

Rachel was absolutely right; name recognition is the “name of the game”. Look at Fred Thompson. His whole popularity is nothing more than name recognition from “Law and Order”. If we see it on TV, it must be important (sic).

As soon as possible, I would start a televised ad campaign with the goal solely “name recognition”. A simple 10 second spot, that’s about as cheap as it gets, would simple state:

“Who is Ron Paul?
Before you vote for the same old politics as usual, you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to look at Ron Paul for President. “A true Statesman””

I would keep it simple and give time to write down the info, but that’s the idea. Include some background pictures and the headquarters phone number and websites. That’s all I would do in the beginning. Just get his name out there.

Maybe they have already thought of this but I mention it here just in case.


I agree completely.

The money will be worthless in about a year.
With new supporters comes new money, I would think.

Phone Solicitation

Careful, Rachel - these phone calls may be construed as illegal if these people have placed themselves on the no call list.

You go girl!

Don't you just love a real sincere grassroots movement! It's because people are Fed Up........(pun intended). I'd suggest the campaign staff see to it that Iowa is overly supplied with yard signs. Phone calling can be a tricky business. I'm in insurance sales - I ought to know! People aren't too happy answering the phone anymore. It's easy to lose a positive posture if your not used to rejection. Keep your conversation very short and to the point if your a caller. You gotta love the spirit!

alan laney

people hate infomercial calls

i think when you call you should keep it very short like this.
"hello my name is (insert name here) i'm calling for the ron paul presidential campaign and i would like to know if we were to send you a free dvd and some literature about ron paul and his run for the presidency, would you take the time to look at it and watch the dvd? there is no obligation at all. all we want you to do is check out the information we mail to you and we are very confident that once you've checked this candidate out you will fall in love with his message of real freedom, and vote for this man. so would you be interested in receiving this free information kit? its completely free with no obligation".
if they say "sure, send it to me i'll check it out" you say
thats great just 2 more questions and i'll let you go, are you eligable to vote?and do you plan to vote?
if they say yes to both "ok thank you very much, your ron paul kit will be mailed to you very soon thank you and you have a very nice day " if they say yes i'm eligable but i'm not sure if i'm going to vote you could say "well when you look at this candidate we think you'll be be convinced that this man is worth voting for"
oh you might want to confirm their address from the phone book too. if 1000 of us did this and mailed out 20 or so kits each in their area thats 20,000 potential voters who might come. especially if your flyers include info on the straw poll. a map, and really tell people how much fun its going to be, with musicians food and beverages and thousands of cheering fans its a great saturday fun event.

this is such a great idea.

this is such a great idea. something for people that don't really have an opportunity to go to their meetup groups often, this is so awesome.

i don't know if i missed it, but where are they getting the lists? these are registered republicans, right?

Iowans for Ron Paul

The Paul campaign should spend a pittance of their 2.4 million to set up some kind of Iowans for Ron Paul PAC, so that we can donate directly to the effort to get the word out for the Ames ballot.


If one can work it smoothly into the phone conversation, one can also mention Dr. Paul's strong stance against the NAIS (National Animal Identification System). This is a hot button issue for many farmers with animals.

Here is an essay by Dr. Paul on the NAIS.

Kudos to Rachel for her creative and fun video.


Rachel rocks.

Rachel rocks. WHEN not if Ron wins, she deserves to be appointed ambassador to Bermuda or something equally-nice. ;) She's a big part of why I call this "The YouTube Election."

Very good Idea! I'm terrible

Very good Idea! I'm terrible on the phone but just happen to have a friend that is a telemarketer and a Ron Paul supporter so I'm going to talk to him and get him to donate some hours on this project. Anyone else know any telemarketers, if so try and get them to donate some time.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
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