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A little help with On The Issues website

So I told my friend to check out Ron Paul on the web and he says to me the next day that Ron Paul isn't even running. I was like you gotta be kidding.... My friend went to On The Issues but their data is wrong regarding Ron Paul's status.


Now to be fair, they have a bunch of data wrong (brownback still listed, Fred T not filed yet) but I only care about Ron Paul being correct.

I also asked them to get Ron Paul's name on the front page and have his book listed on their site...

Here's their email, you know how to get things done!!!


this is what i wrote:

I am a Ron Paul spambot - just kidding, I'm for real. Can you update this page as it shows Dr Paul's status as exploratory and we all know he is the only top tier conservative in the race.


My friend looked up Ron Paul the other day (at my request) and he got on your site but told me the next day that Ron Paul wasn't even running yet - this is for real!

I appreciate your site and all the features it provides and imagine you are swamped. I have used your site before to research the candidates and would like to send it on to other friends once the data is correct.

You know, I would like Ron Paul to be included in the leaders section as well as having his book available like McCain's and Rudy's etc....

Here's the link:

Can you update your site with this book, it's selling like hotcakes!

Phoenix AZ

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Next time

Next time, send your friend to www.ronpaul2008.com/issues

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