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Joe Scarborough, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, and Pat Buchanan Praise Ron Paul

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Absentee Voting

The fear of voter fraud is one of the reasons I'm voting via absentee. Paper an ink can not as easily lie. Anybody with me?

I loved it when Pat said...

"If Ron Paul had raised $22 million he'd have $21 million eight hundred thousand on-hand." Sometimes, experience shows...You can tell someone who's actually run against libertarians in a Presidential campaign, and therefore experienced the kind of thrift that would appall many a Scotsman. ;) Considering some of her other words, I'm not sure we really need a person as divisive as Ms. Sheehan closely associated with the campaign.

Ms. Cindy Sheehan just said

Ms. Cindy Sheehan just said warm words about Ron Paul on MSNBC.
I guess we have to help MSNBC to have more of Ron Paul.
I would think of some action directed to Chris Matthews. He seems not noticing Ron Paul yet.

Sheehan + Ron Paul? Suicide.

I'm sorry, but Mrs. Sheehan would do a lot more damage to the Ron Paul campaign than many here are willing to admit. I understand that some of you here are bananas over Dr. Paul just because of his opposition to the war, but the fact that 75% of the people are against the war does not mean 75% of the people think Cindy Sheehan is worth listening to. The only people who follow her are far-left, hypocritical "peace demonstrators" who throw the word "fascist" to everyone who disagrees with them.

This is not a personality the campaign should be associated with. The majority of Americans do not, have not, and never will go for bomb throwers like that.

I believe that at that point

I believe that at that point of Ron Paul recognition by Americans every kind word about him is valuable. No place for calculations. Every buzz is precious and she's got good TV coverage.

And she mentioned she felt

And she mentioned she felt betrayed by Dems, if it comes to the Iraq war. I guess you didn't expected this from her. That is good news to Ron Paul.

I don't see it your way

I'm not a Sheehan "fan", that said, I see Ms Sheehan as a victim of the left who "capitalized" on her misery, the loss of her son Casey, in their anti-Bush camp. Her personal road as an American mother has been spun by the media and the left to benefit themselves, not her, or troops. The fact she left the Democrat Party and abandoned her camp, is something I give her credit. She is seeking a "new lease", and hopefully, to capitalise on her LESSONS from being a "tool" of the left. I would hope that Ron Paul and supporters would give her an opportunity to stand for herself, and if that is beside RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT, I say RIGHT ON Ms Sheehan. Come on in the water is pure, so please leave the crap at camp. I really believe Ron Paul supporters will let her KNOW, TRUTH is welcome, bullcrap stays with what she LEFT behind.


There seems to be a lot of name calling creeping in against the Truthers and Cindy Sheehan. I haven't heard any of this from Dr. Paul, however.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

I look forward to seeing that clip

Justin Raimondo gave some advice to Sheehan in his column this morning

I would not be surprized if she became a "Paulie". I hope she does because that will help more antiwar liberals break the collective bonds of the Democrat/Green parties (which hasn't done them any favors, however, they need a leader, and Sheehan would do the nation good leading them to RON PAUL).

Yep, Vote Fraud Happens

Fifteen years ago the late James Collier (http://www.votefraud.org/) blew the whistle on massive, widespread vote fraud. It has continued ever since, and particularly with the fairly new, eminently corruptable, Dibold machines.

Among the targets of Mr. Collier's investigation was former Attorney General Janet Reno, when she was "elected" to office in Dade County, Florida. It turned out that much of the dirty work was done by none other than members of The League of Women Voters, who were coerced into participation. Upon being discovered, many burst into tears, exclaiming that they thought they were doing the right thing.

A similar vote scam was perpetrated against Pat Buchanan in 1996.

Go to the above site and read it. It's powerful and good, and it has suggestions about what ordinary people can do to oppose vote fraud.

Ron Paul and the Likelihood of Vote Fraud

Bill Stegmeier comments from the Great Ron Paul State of South Dakota

Dear Ron Paul Friends:

As many of you may or may not know, I was the Sponsor of the failed South Dakota Amendment E, also know as the SD J.A.I.L. Amendment and also known as the SD Judicial Accountability Amendment. www.SDJA.net

With Ron Paul running for President, and his popularity growing exponentially, concerns over the establishment's planned defeat of Dr. Paul via vote fraud are beginning to circulate.

I offer the following for your consideration as a letter to your local editor, or however you can use it. If you would like to make it your own, feel free to edit it as needed.

Thank You,

Bill Stegmeier

Vote For Ron Paul With Your Fingers Crossed

By Bill Stegmeier

Our elections are currently a joke. The integrity of our vote count in relation to computer voting machines is much like our Department of Homeland Security in relation to open borders. Both are obvious jokes. Unfortunately, most Americans are buying into both.

Almost the entire country uses computerized voting machines or electronic paper ballot counting machines. Most of these machines provide no effective paper trail. They can and have been programmed to rig elections. Not buying it? Then watch this YouTube clip of actual congressional testimony of a computer tech who once wrote software to rig Florida elections: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3hUPP_bdOo

Who would want to rig elections? Well, our state governments for one. The fact is, this is the very reason our state governments went from inexpensive, verifiable paper ballots which were volunteer counted at the local precincts to expensive, programmable, unverifiable, malfunction prone computerized voting machines.

Democracy is a joke to begin with, (two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner) but the biggest joke is on the well meaning patriotic dupes who still think their votes actually count. Communist tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin is credited with saying: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." And that was said back before we had computerized voting machines. Stalin would have loved our present day voting technology.

Take for instance the outcome of the vote on South Dakota Judicial Accountability Amendment E. www.SDJA.net On November 4, 2006, KELO TV reported the results of their pre-election poll as being 51% to 40% in favor of the Amendment passing.
Then three days later on election day the South Dakota state government's electronic vote counting machines had the Amendment losing by 89% to 11%.

Let's see here: 51-40 winning. Three days later…Presto Flip-Flop! 11-89 losing.

South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long and South Dakota State Bar honcho Tom Barnett rationalized the incredible three day vote reversal by stating something to the effect that "luckily the voters came to their senses just in the nick of time." Yeah, right.

And it's not just the South Dakota state government that controls the outcome of its elections with their electronic programmable vote counting machines. Every state that uses these machines, and that's probably 98% of the states, has the ability and most likely uses that ability to control the outcome of the vote on issues important to that state's government.

Please be warned…if you would rather not fall out of your "Happy Voter Comfort Zone", then DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Google the phrase "computer vote fraud." You'll never be the same if you do.

Until We The People of this country rise up and throw every last electronic and computerized voting machine into the nearest river, it really matters not how we cast our votes. Our state governments crave the power they have stole from us and will count our votes accordingly.

Of course I pray Ron Paul wins the Republican primary. But on the other hand, the likelihood of Ron Paul losing the primary in spite of his overwhelming popularity just might be the straw that breaks the vote fraud camel's back. So either way, Go Ron Paul!

Bill Stegmeier is a South Dakota businessman and the sponsor of the failed 2006 South Dakota Judicial Accountability Amendment.

Bill Stegmeier from the Ron Paul state of South Dakota


My! My! My!
What an eye opener!!!!!!!
I just read votefraud.org, from the google search you recommended that I not do!

We can't let them do this again in Iowa! Our plan of action is at: votefraud.org.

I have no doubt, this will happen again if we don't stop it!!

Ed Felten (MIT) has testified about it

And occasionally puts articles on his Blog - http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/

Perhaps with all the internet savvy Paulites, we should casually threaten he will win in an landslide where any electronic only system is implemented - if they want to use an easy to tamper system, beware those who are better at tampering than you.

But he doesn't say all electronic voting is bad, but that it needs an independently auditable trail, i.e. paper.

Paper can be checked and validated, whether printed by a computer or mechanical device (and punch cards have their problems).

There are other technologies which might allow something to be tamperproof, but elections must be both secret for the individual vote cast, yet open in the process and collective so everyone can see the result and know it is accurate. This is not easy or simple to do.

Sad but true. I believe

Sad but true.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

middle ground

Do we have to do away with voting machines totally? Why couldn't open-source software be used for voting machines?

Do we have to do away with voting machines totally?

David Cameron
Yes, rmanno581, we MUST to do away with them totally.

Nothing is more sacred to our Republic that the knowledge that all elections are accurately tallied. The only way to do that is with a paper ballot, where the voter gets a written receipt of his vote.
Then, volunteer election officials sit at a table and manually count the votes with pencil and paper, while being observed by others. Is there any other way to restore the publics faith in honest and accurate elections? No, there isn't.

Anything less allows the possibility and strong likelihood of FRAUD!
It really doesn't take long to manually count the ballots, and volunteers from coast to coast have always been willing to step-up and help.

David Cameron

Vote absentee

Ron Paul supporters should all vote absentee.
Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

oh the irony...

Ron Paul is effectively spreading his campaign with technology, yet one of his supporters is suggesting exactly the opposite to solve our election problems. Amusing...

Fraud and human error are just as likely manually counting the votes. At least with electronic voting, you just have to worry about the fraud. Fraud can be minimized with transparency which isn't exclusive to manual counting. There are a lot of smart people who are working on and have figured out these issues. Again, there are no technological barriers to a transparent electronic voting system. Any stumbling blocks are purely political.

Also, transparent electronic voting could help facilitate an upgrade our antiquated first-past-the-post voting system that's subject to Duverger's Law. In other words, it could help make implementing proportional representation easier so that people like Ron Paul don't have to be a member of a dominant party to get elected.

"Those who vote decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.” --Joseph Stalin


You don't have to worry about human error with computers?
Yeah, right.

oh the irony...

oops... double post....

re: open source

Why couldn't open-source software be used for voting machines?

It's getting there... There are no technological barriers to a transparent electronic voting system.

Don't worry about voter fraud... Ron Paul will be assassinated before he's allowed to be elected.

assassinated? or are you

assassinated? or are you just fear-mongering?
voter fraud is a much more effective and deceitful tactic, anyway.

and look at the bright side of assassination (as silly as that sounds): if it's exposed, the public outcry would be so tremendous. just imagine.

I worry about that too.

I worry about that too. Making fun of him/us clearly didn't work. Excluding him (though quite traditional for those of us from Ron's campaign back in '88) didn't work either. Shooting him, sadly, just might... :(

Stop Talking Like That!!!

WTF is wrong with you people. Don't you know his grandchildren visit this site and most of his family.

How would you like me cavalierly talking about assasinating your father, it would be pretty disturbing. I'm sure we all know the risk involved with messing with these types of people. But let's not start talking about it openly, because things like that seem to have a self fulfilling prophesy about them.
Just remember NO MATTER what happens stay involved with the people in this campaign. You know they are stand up people and remember that Ron Paul himself has said that this is WAY bigger than just him, he is just an unfourtunate standard bearer

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


I don't mean to disturb his

I don't mean to disturb his family, but I don't think we should be silent about our fear, considering the evil Dr. Paul is fighting. I certainly hope our fears are misplaced, and Ron & his family certainly have my prayers, for whatever that's worth...Also, as a taxpayer who has seen ENORMOUS waste from the Secret Service over the past few years (don't ask...) let me say I think they can afford to start protecting Ron NOW, even if it costs a few taxbucks. Also, don't you think your admonition is a teeny bit ironic given your tagline???

Reality is...

I support Ron Paul 100% - have spent hundreds of dollars on DVDs and material to get the word out. I will go to the distance for Ron Paul, I do feel he will be the next president. There is NOTHING that can change my mind about RP but....

The reality is every non freemason that has ever become president has been assassinated or has had an attempt on their life. I trust everyone here is smart enough to do the research here.


Kennedy tried to introduce the United States Dollar in an attempt to get rid of the Fed. You know the rest.

This IS reality. And when RP becomes president we better be ready to help protect Ron Paul the same way we support him now.

I don't want to scare anyone but it is better to face these things head on rather than to treat them as they don't exist.