NH could turn GOP race upside down

In this AP story, Sidoti talks about how NH residents did not want Dole or Bush, but they preferred Pat Buchanan, whose platform was much like Ron's and who is often rooting for Ron on TV shows nowadays.

Among other things, she opines:

"Paul, a libertarian-leaning long-shot Texas congressman, could emerge as a serious contender in the "Live Free or Die" state."

And finally she admits that Huckabee lacks the money to be a serious contender:

"Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, has a network of grass-roots support but lacks money. Paul could be a force; he opposes the Iraq war, and his libertarian bent resonates here. He's running TV and radio ads and just raised $4.3 million in one day."

Shannon who is mentioned as being undecided, is a friend of mine. Without being obnoxious, I've been trying to get her to see that Huck just isn't as conservative as she might think. He got a poor score from Cato, Club for Growth and his own subjects back in Arkansas say he left them with higher taxes than ever. He seems way too establishment for me.

Yet Ron has those family values that people like Shannon desire -- pro-life and pro-family, and all without compromising his fiscal conservatism or sucking up to the establishment.

All in all, not too bad of an article.


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At least she chooses to use the term "serious contender" rather than "spoiler" ... I like that a lot ...

I know a Huck backer in NH

I tried to introduce him to RP but he's sticking with his choice. Unfortunately I think Huckabee has more following in NH than we give him credit for.

My problem with Huck, other than his beliefs about evolution, is that I perceive him to be contrived in a similar way that most of the other candidates are. He's always waiting to say the thing that he thinks will get a rise from an audience.

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I agree. Huckabee is the epitome of what I hate about politicians. The problem is, he's always trying to inspire you. You can literally hear it in the way he speaks, I can hear him now: "I believe in a new America." What does that even mean?

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Sidoti is a neo-Shill

Sidoti continually ignores Ron Paul in most of her articles. It's amazing at all she's even talking about him but notice the quotes she's using all belittle Paul.

She's a paid shill for Rudy and Mitt.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

ok, I know much has been

ok, I know much has been said (rightly) about the fact that the phone polls only call Republicans who voted in the 2004 primary.
That means 6% of the registered Republicans (in NH).
And these were devoted Bushies, since he was unopposed (virtually)

Ok, let's say that 5% of THESE voted against Dubya. Thats 5% of 6% = .3% (a VERY small number)

But wait, among these 6%, RP is polling what, 5%?

So the anti - neocon (RP friendly) poll numbers went from .3% to 5%, a 1600% increase!!!

I'd say that's progress. Wait til the ads sink in. And wait til the OTHER 94% of Republicans vote! Oh and let's not forget the independents.
So, be encouraged, but keep pushin'

Godspeed to all you volunteers in NH. You few, you happy few!!!



The optimisim is important. Thank you!

Without that, we're nothing. If we had all just given up before, we'd have never done what we did on the 5th. Let's keep our heads up!

I'm driving a full car of people up from Boston to go canvass in Nashua this weekend. Not a lot of people enjoy knocking on the doors, but someone's gotta do it!


Go get 'em

wish i could be there.

I'm stalking the beach bars, lookin for merkins to plant a slim jim on. so far, i'm about 6 out of 9

It's true, Huck isn't very conservative

I am also from Arkansas, and I feel there are several important issues on which Huckabee doesn't make the grade. It is true that we are taxed more than one would think - groceries are taxed, not only by the state, but by the local area as well, and there's a third tax I can't remember who it goes to. Yes, for those establishments that itemize the tax on the receipt there are 3 separate taxes. Anyway, the total tax on everything is close to 8% or higher. He has essentially endorsed tax hikes that are consistent with the flat tax idea. However, I haven't really noticed any relief on the income taxes I pay, either. The other issues are regarding illegal immigration and homeschooling. I'm sure everyone's already heard/read about Huckabee's statement condemning Arkansas legislators' attempt to withdraw subsidies to illegal immigrants saying that it's anti-life and that he "drinks a different kind of Jesus juice" than the legislators. You've got to understand that at moment he lost a lot of his conservative support, at least around my area. Then there's homeschooling. I consider this to be an important issue for many reasons: personal (I homeschool), and philosophical. A politician's stance (as seen in actions, not words) on homeschooling is very telling about his/her attitude toward personal liberty. Gov Huckabee has signed legislation that keeps creeping onto the rights of parents to homeschool. He never vetoed measures that made it more difficult to homeschool. That is why I found it so disappointing that HSLDA supports Huckabee, but not Ron Paul. A defender of personal liberty is by extension a defender of our rights to raise and train our own children.
And there just may be some proof in the pudding: is Arkansas attracting new families, jobs, and businesses? Do we come out on top of the prosperity list? Do we have the highest test scores coming out our school system? I think the worst type of presidents are former governors. They never represented the people, and they won't when they become POTUS, either.

Who are these people from NH

Who are these people from NH they quote in the AP story. They like guiliani, mccain, and romney!? I was under the impression NH was smarter and would go for someone like Ron.

That's what I was thinking

The final person they quoted saying that she was disappointed because she voted for Bush but says:
"I never did realize we would be in this situation," she said of the Iraq war. This time, Rainville said, she is leaning toward Giuliani and McCain. "They have served well in the positions that they have been in. To me, they're very honest. And I'm not sure the others are."

Real Einstein there.


This is the kind of ignorance I saw in the Luntz group. It's a mob mentality. They don't do any research for themselves, they just accept their party is right.
Remember, not ONE wanted us to stay in the UN, yet only the three of us Paul supporters knew who would be best on that issue. There is a HUGE disconnect between seeing the problem and the solution.

But take heart -- on my street alone canvassers found 3 Paul supporters I KNOW I don't know. And we got a nice phone call from Carol today -- aimed I assume at primary voters.

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Honest Rudy

Yeah, that quote got me too. Ghouliani honest? Ask his ex-wives.