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A mediocre video for Nov.11th

This is my mediocre attempt to get some people informed about Nov.11. It may not be Nov. 5th, but it is a stimulus for the campaign:
Like I said, it's mediocre, at best, had to rush it, due to the approaching date.

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Not bad Here's another

Not bad Here's another one

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Good Job

Very positive music and I like the text effects. I wouldn't have suggested Nov 5th was a fluke, but I won't bring that up, because you obviously worked hard.

In hindsight, I think you

In hindsight, I think you are correct, I shouldn't have suggested it was a fluke, but I guess I assume that some doubters out there, especially in the media are of that mindset. Thanks

Actually, I think its pretty

Actually, I think its pretty good..

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A New Hope


Are you going to pass this around with the Military for Ron Paul meetup group?

I'm totally onboard for a Nov 11 fundraising event. The symbolism behind it cannot be spun any way but positive.