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Oh Boy DOW down 179 in Premarket already!

This is going to get real interesting...

Wamu Failing
No Bailout Plan and Stock market down 179 already in pre-market.

The ride of your life.......and you can't get off....wooooohoooo


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Just another scare

tactic. Like WAMU failing, big surprise...it was going to fail anyway. If they don't get their bailout tomorrow, hold on tight it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I wouldn't be surprised if the market went down 500 pts. With more failed banks over the weekend. But not Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan or BoA. No they'll knock over some small to medium sized ones. Not the ones that are too big to fail, when those are exactly the ones who should be failing or put into receivership and broken up. Then they woulld no longer be too big to fail..

One other thing, in order to scare us even more be prepared for a big jump up in oil prices. When you have as much money as these guys you can make the markets do whatever you want them to do.

Its all fearmongering

May they all rest in piece. No banks no sanctioning power. Our country is self sustaining. We grow most of the food of the world. It is the rest of the socialist world that should be rethinking their world government right now. They should have never brought that crap to these shores it will be worse for them than it is for us.

You must have missed the whole ethanol thing

Food imports I believe are up to about 25% and growing in the USA.

There WILL be food shortages.


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It's Friday

They're trying to look bad and desperate, hoping Congress will feel sorry for them and get the bailout shoved through.

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